7 Reasons to Get Down to Gazebo… Stat

By Anna May
23rd Jul 2015

There are very few times I need an actual reason to go out for dinner, especially if it’s at one of Sydney’s best bar-meets-restaurants. But since Gazebo has had a facelift in recent times, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you all why it has been a stalwart of the Sydney dining scene for as long as I can remember. More specifically, seven reminders:

#1 All wine is $50 a bottle, or $10 a glass

Yes, you heard that correctly, and no, there’s no catch. You know you can trust Gazebo’s wine list to deliver a good drop and it’s not one of those short and sweet wine lists, either, there is variety aplenty. Whether you’ve got your eye on the St. Hallet Riesling, the Yarra Valley rose, or the bold Adelaide Hills shiraz. So no squabbling over what to choose, please, there’s something for everybody.

#2 There’s a freakin’ flower roof

Since their bright and colourful refurb last year, Gazebo has turned it up on the décor front. And word on the street is they have a full flower-adorned rooftop chandelier that simply must be ‘grammed. So, for those looking to recreate that scene in American Beauty, you’re in luck. 

#3 They’ve embraced progressive dining

For those restless diners among us, Gazebo has teamed up with its sophisticated sister venue, The Winery, to bring you the ultimate foodie, boozy pilgrimage. Aptly named Wine Wanderlust, a cheeky $45 will get you three courses across two Sydney restaurants on one Saturday. Talk about an adventure. 

#4 Sharing is caring

The idea behind food sharing is simple: order more, taste more, eat more. The folks at Gazebo have designed their menu with this in mind, so everything is perfect for sharing. The pulled pork lettuce tacos with avocado and fennel is the ideal bite, while the lamb shoulder is worth the inevitable fork fight.

#5 They’re not afraid of a group

The guys at Gazebo know how much you love a good time and are going to give you just that for a casual $45 per head. And when you see what heavenly morsels will be served in this eight-course sharing banquet, you’ll be booking a table quicker than you’d swipe right on Joe Manganiello.

#6 Magnum Fridays

Who doesn’t love a TGIF drink? It’s even better when it’s a 1.5 litres of fizzy goodness involved. They’re just $99 a pop (see what I did there?), but sharing is caring, unless it’s been a really long week; then it’s time to be selfish.

#7 Cocktails

I’m not entirely sure this needs an explanation, but just in case you’re not sold… There are few better places to enjoy a delicious alcoholic concoction than in Gazebo’s outdoor menagerie. The pumpkin patch kid with pamper rum is a moreish drop, while the classic giggly rose will always be there to welcome you home.
Sold? Course you are. Check out Gazebo’s menus here and come up with seven more reasons, it won’t be too hard.

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Image credit: Nicola Sevitt

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