Charc It To Me | 7 Reasons You’ll Fall In Love With Charcuterie

By Simone Jovel
30th Jun 2016

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bellagio cafe sydney
bellagio cafe sydney
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bellagio cafe sydney

With a name that literally means cold, cooked meats (cue drooling), the charcuterie board is considered a delicious art form that dates back to the 15th Century. Given our love affair with cold meats, not to mention a good old food sharing session, we’ve teamed up with the team from Bellagio Café to list seven highly legitimate reasons why charcuterie is one of the greatest things ever. 

#1 All Of The Meats

In case you hadn’t guessed, the meat is the hero here. A good charcuterie board has a range of different cold meats, all of which are perfect for you to wrap those lips around. And the best kind of board is obviously one with a great selection. When it comes to those flavours you want ones that complement, rather than over power one another, like Bellagio’s where a wagyu bresaola (air-dried beef) is joined by a spicy Navarro (Australian pork and paprika salami) and some slices of Morcón (pork and chilli salami) to round out the perfect trifecta.

#2 It’s A Little Bit Fancy

Come on, with a name that sounds like it could be a foodie term for a French love affair—this is no mere tasting plate. This is your chance to have some pate, some terrine or, if you’re lucky enough, some Bellagio house-made chicken liver parfait. Your urge to spread it on thick and strong (and come back for seconds) will see no judgement from us.

#3 Any Excuse To Go Heavy On The Condiments

Here at The Urban List, wow factors for us are often the result of great condiments, and a good charcuterie board should come complete with wow factors aplenty. We’re talking something jammy with a little bit of a tang, you know, to keep those tastebuds interested. Think an apple and sultana chutney or some tart and tangy pickles and vegetables to complete the spread, bringing something brightness to the mix.

#4 They Only Come With The Best Bread (And Lots Of It)

The best boards need the best bread and at Bellagio they get theirs direct from their very own bakery down the road. Where there is bread, there should always be butter, and your freshly baked Nelson Road Tuck Shop caraway bread goes perfectly with their house churned and house smoked butter.

#5 It’s Literally Designed For Drinking

You’ll want to sit down for this one because not one, but all of your drinks, will go well with the glorious charcuterie board. Luckily, you’ve come to a place with more than 50 wines to choose from, like a Zinfadel from the Margaret River or a Semillion from the Hunter, along with a selection of speciality cocktails, cue their barrel-aged Manhattan and one seriously good looking espresso martini, because it is always a good time for a cocktail.

#6 Perfect For Sharesies

Food is better with mates and a charcuterie board is the ideal ‘let’s have a chat about life’ dish. It’s a talk to me about your latest Tinder date, or tell me all the things you just can’t believe he did now, as we feast on perfectly bite sized snacks before asking for more bread, their delicious cheese plate or, what the heck, just another board. 

#7 A Plate Of Choice

At the end of the day life is made so much better when you have all of the choice, and what better way to present said choice than having it laid out in front of you in the form of a charcuterie board. Why have one type of cold meat, when you can have three, or one condiment when you can have many? We know you agree, after all it just makes sense.

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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