8 Sydney Breakfasts To Try This November

By Yvonne Lam
5th Nov 2014

Whether you're The Jock or The Nerd, this city's amazing cafes ensure that everyone has an honorary membership to the breakfast club. From some of Sydney's best cafes, we've picked eight Sydney breakfasts that will have your popular-girl status sated. Molly Ringwald would be proud. And hungry.

Bills | Bondi 

Aaah, Bill Granger. The man who kick-started Sydney's breakfast scene, and got people lining up for scrambled eggs. Who'da thought? Having conquered Tokyo, London and Honolulu, the man himself has opened his third Sydney site in Bondi. With the breezy locale comes a breezy menu to match. The classic ricotta hotcakes remain, but the lite 'n' easy almond milk/chia seed pot is as good-looking as the waitstaff. Jewels of pomegranate and blueberry burst in your mouth, and silky coconut yoghurt goes down well with the textured bite of chia seeds. At $8.50, it's a beautiful steal. 

Cowbell 808 | Surry Hills

This 80s design wonderland is named after the Roland TR-808 drum machine, responsible for reproducing the distinctive cowbell sound found in the hits of the decade. Thirty years on, you can relive the aesthetic of the time, but thankfully with better food (microwave cookery, anyone?). Cowbell 808 serve up the usual (and delicious) suspects on their all-day menu. However, hit up their devilish ricotta pancakes with maple syrup and – wait for it – bacon ice-cream. Goodbye salted-caramel flavour, this is the new savoury-sweet kid on the block. Liquid sweettooths should go for the milkshakes, blended with house-made ice-cream (maybe not bacon-flavoured, though).

Marcelle | Potts Point

It's all about context. Eating a white-bread cheese sanga while slumped on your kitchen floor after a big night leaves a lot to be desired. Get classy with this Potts Point eatery's eponymous take on the French toastie, dubbed the 'Croque Marcelle'. Tuck into its cheesy gruyere goodness oozing from crisply toasted sourdough, while sitting in the cafe's slick surrounds, and you could kid yourself into thinking you're having breakfast at Tiffany's. 

The Local Press | Lilyfield

Lilyfield was the working title of the movie Pleasantville, so the rumour goes. And why not? It's a name that conjures sunshine and paddocks, or orange juice marketing. So it's appropriate that the suburb is home to the easy, breezy cafe, The Local Press. The place is filled with light and air, so picturesque on a Sunday morning, and it'd be a crime not to tuck into their buckwheat pancakes. These babies are stacked and served with fluffy ricotta, caramelised banana and chocolate hazelnuts. It's like fancy deconstructed Nutella for adults. The Local Press is aaaaaall good news. 

Three Williams | Redfern

This place has 'grammers agog. Any spectator of Instagram food porn would be familiar with Three Williams' legendary narnies – that's naan-bread sarnies to those of you still shaking your Polaroid pictures. And when fashion blogger Margaret Zhang is posting snap of her meals here, you know they're doing something right. The new spring menu heralds the newest addition to the narnie line-up – the wild mushroom. A mountain of sautéed mushrooms is piled high with spinach, balsamic and parmesan in a naan-bun. It's umami city. 

Black Penny | Surry Hills

Surry Hills is filled with either small bars or cafes. Black Penny is both. Those who've punished themselves during its night-time cocktail service can wallow in culinary self-pity the next day. The menu runs from house-specialty bagels to buttery waffles, but in true bar-slash-brekkie style, you've got to try the Mexican omelette – it's served with a chaser of tequila salsa. It's the tastiest hair-of-dog your hangover has been waiting for. 

Stranded Gourmet | Mosman

Stranded Gourmet sounds like a very pleasant place to be marooned. Luckily, you don't need to sink your raft to get here. Just amble down the Strand Passage laneway until you find this joint with its sunny art-adorned courtyard. Brother-sister team Sam and Jemima Fallows have a good thing going with the all-day breakfast menu. The confit eggs are delicious slow-cooked orbs served with black olives, rosemary, tomatoes and rocket. It hits the right balance between protein-loading and delicious-loading. Sit tight with a flat white from Bay Coffee and a house-baked fudge cookie, and you've got your Mosman morning made. 

Sprout Cafe | Bondi

The newcomer to Bondi's Gould St is noticeable for its lack of the usual Sydney cafe furnishing. We're talking velvet surfaces instead of exposed brick, perspex chairs instead of blonde wood chairs. Unlike the decor, the menu is familiar Sydney fare, but with a twist. The French toast is flecked with salted caramel and cacao nibs, and rice pudding is made with purple sticky rice, coconut milk, and (Peter Evans's favourite), activated almonds. But it's the bacon and egg roll that'll have you coming back. Bangalow sweet pork, free-range eggs and house-made barbeque sauce on a brioche – simply yum. 

Image credit: Three Williams

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