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A Millenium Break Up Song Party Is Hitting Sydney

By Ange Law - 21 Sep 2017


Cast your mind back to the days when Fergie was killing the charts, Paris was on TV and Juicy Couture was peak fashun. Oh yes guys, a millennium party is about to hit Sydney and it’ll be nothing but break up bangers all night long. We know, this is all of your wildest, most closeted dreams come true. 

This one is maybe the best throwback we’ve seen (and we’ve seen a few) with all of the key players accounted for. Think Ashanti, Shaggy, Usher and Christina Aguilera for starters. Over at the bar it’s equally ridiculous, with Lizzie McGuirejitos, Simple Life Spritzens, and double denim bombs flowing all damn night. 

Oh and there’ll be a best dressed competition, because of course there will be. If you want to be in the running (and score the $50 bar tab that comes with it), then rock your tiniest handbag, dig out that old flip phone and throw on your fave velour tracksuit. You got this. 

To buy your tickets and one for errrryone you know, head here

The details

What: That 2000s Party
When: Friday 29 September, 9pm – 3pm
Where: The Bait Shop
Cost: $16.90

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