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A Secret Wine Garden Has Popped Up In Sydney

By Ange Law
11th Nov 2016

secret wine bar sydney

This week (hell, year) has been pretty rough for most us, but a couple of geniuses at Stoneleigh Wines have taken it upon themselves to transform an abandoned Chippendale building into the secret garden of your dreams.  We say ‘of your dreams’ because of the free wine, FYI.  

Here, there’s beauty and terror around every single corner and by that we mean that it’s really beautiful, with overgrown brush and wildflowers covering most surfaces, including old style couches (thus the terror). They’ve really dirtied up the furniture with this one. 

The whole thing is basically a ruined hotel, where busted up old typewriters and bunches of grapes (because of the wine) topping tables and delicious wine strategically placed around the room. 

The pop up wine garden is happening at 48 Kensington Street, Chippendale. Go forth and wine!

If you're looking for more things to do, check this out. 

Image credit: Stoneleigh Wines

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