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A Star Wars Burger Has Landed In Sydney

By Ange Law
2nd May 2017

Fear leads to hunger, hunger leads to burgers, burgers lead to happiness. Hold onto your blasters, Sydney, a burger is coming that will apparently bring balance to the Force, and it’s not made from Womp Rats.

BL Burgers is embracing The Fourth with a Frankenstein burger that goes by the name of ‘Return of the Chedi’. Geddit? 

Nestled between two purple and blue halves of a bun—also known as the galaxy milk bun—this one is pretty damn extreme, with a BL beef pattie, American cheese, triple smoked cheese Kransky (now we’re talking), red cheddar cheese sauce, sweet and spicy pickled and fiery ketchup. It’s as big as the Death Star, but with way better structural integrity. In fact, it’s kind of Chewy (okay we’ll stop there).

The Return of the Chedi will be available all week at the OG burger joint and home to the blessed Blame Canada, Bar Luca, BL Burgers Darlinghurst, Beach Road and also through UberEATS and Foodora, who are delivering to the far reaches of the galaxy. 

If you'd prefer to stick with the classics, these are our fave Sydney cheeseburgers.

Image credit: BL Burgers via Facebook

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