The Best Of Everything In Sydney | The Carbs Edition

By Ellie Schneider
14th Oct 2014

There's no telling when a carb craving may hit. It could be first thing in the morning and all you can think about is a bacon and egg roll, or at midday when you just want to wrap your paws around a burger. Perhaps it's 3am and you can't get that slice of pizza off your mind. Well, there's no need to fear Sydney folk, we've got your hunger pangs covered with our round up of everything CARB.

So put away that calorie counter cause this is going to be epic!

First off, did you hear the biggest carb news of the year, nay century . . . A lasagna burger officially exists. Say what!?

And if it's burgers you want, have you checked out the top 20 burgers in Sydney, or ate your way through 11 of Australia's best?

If you prefer your carbs portioned into eight scrumptious slices we've got Sydney's best pizza, and even a selection for the gluten-free. And if you're stopping by Redfern, you've got to check out this local institution. Travelling around this great southern land? Check out 25 pizzas you should eat before you die.

Like your carbs by the forkful? Eat your way through our picks of the best pasta dishes in town, head to Sydney's newest meatball shop, or have your pasta served in a gigantic wheel of cheese. But why stop there? Our guide to Sydney's food trucks is jam-packed with carby goodness.

Now, for the greatest Sydney has to offer between two slices of bread, be sure to check out our pick of sandwich shops and vegetarian-friendly sandwiches that even meat eaters will drool over. Still not satisfied? How about sampling the best banh mi in Sydney or munching through our massive list of hot dogs.

And lastly for all you sweet tooths, we've also got the best cake shops in Sydney, where to find the crispiest, melt-in-your-mouth cronuts and 50 desserts you must try!

Phew, that was a lot of food.

Image credit: Pinch of yum

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