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50 Things To Do In Sydney This Winter

By Angela Law
2nd Jun 2017

a tavola pasta in Sydney

Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean that Sydney’s fun times have to come to an end. Between big comforting bowls of goodness—ramen, laksa, pho and pasta—and tonnes of fun, wintery things to do in Sydney, winter ain’t all that bad. 

  1. Go ice skating at a silent disco, yep we're serious.
  2. Eat all of the laksa.
  3. Accept these 21 truths about a Sydney winter.
  4. Head indoors and learn to make something new.
  5. Or just paint with wine and have all of the fun minus any of the skill.
  6. Drink one or one hundred vegan hot chocolates from Pana Chocolate.
  7. Pretend it’s not winter with a spray tan
  8. Spice up your evenings with Sydney’s best Indian food
  9. Consider skipping town and taking a mini-break to Hong Kong.
  10. Visit one of Sydney's best colourists and get your locks on-trend.
  11. Make this super delicious (and easy) mug-cake.
  12. Eat your way through these 50 meals to keep you warm this winter
  13. Then burn it off with these running routes.
  14. Stay at home and make espresso martinis (we have the best recipe for them).
  15. Get cosy in the Blue Mountains.
  16. Don’t leave the house and just order everything in.
  17. Downward Dog amongst the blooms at the Calyx Royal Botanic Gardens.
  18. Raining? Here are some things to pass the time. 
  19. Brighten up your abode with some fresh blooms.
  20. Embrace the cold and head to Thredbo.
  21. Warm up with a bowl of pho
  22. Or head across the ditch to New Zealand instead. 
  23. Take comfort in the warmth of a freshly sat on toilet seat (ew).
  24. Warm up in one of these cool girl jumpers.
  25. Or guys, update your winter wardrobe with these five essentials.
  26. Pretend to spend hours in the kitchen. Actually just embrace the brilliance that is your slow cooker.
  27. Up your (cosy) street cred with one of these bomber jackets.
  28. Make use of all of these winter beauty hacks.
  29. Bathe in a tub full of French onion soup. Or, you know, slurp it.
  30. Escape up the coast for a Vitamin D top up.
  31. One word: glamp.
  32. Do the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. You may freeze, but it’ll still (hopefully) look like summer on Insta.
  33. Eat your way through Sydney's new food truck market.
  34. Quaff endless margaritas at El Camino Cantina. Because tequila.
  35. Curl up on the couch with one of these books.
  36. Run for cause in the City2Surf.
  37. Drink ALL the pinot noir at Altitude Restaurant Shangri-la.
  38. Cosy up those insides with some hot AF chicken from Belle’s.
  39. Enjoy a pie and a pint fireside at The Lord Dudley. We also recommend a round of Cluedo while you’re at it.
  40. Head down below and order the Mull It Over cocktail at Lobo Plantation.
  41. Work up a sweat at a swing dancing class at The Swinging Cat.
  42. Stay in and perfect the art of cake decorating.
  43. Head out on the harbour to watch the whales’ annual migration.
  44. Visit one of these restaurants for a big bowl of soup.
  45. Tick Sydney’s 20 essential pasta dishes off your list. Because we all need to carb load for the winter.
  46. Or learn how to make your own from scratch at one of these classes.
  47. Cuddle up with a generous serving of Japanese curry from Origami.
  48. Netflix and chill with one of these new docos.
  49. And don't forget to binge on some good ol' TV.
  50. Park it by the wood-fired bagel oven at Smoking Gun Bagels.

Looking for things to do in Sydney when it's raining? You've come to the right place.

Image credit: Jackielyn Powell | A Tavola

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