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By Phoebe McRae
29th Aug 2017

Tucked away in Glebe’s oh-so trendy Tramsheds, you’ll find every and any inner west local doing their thing at Butcher and The Farmer.

With a butcher on-site (so you can pick up some of the best meats in town), as well as a mini grocery aisle featuring Olsson’s Salt’s salt rubs, Bill’s chutneys and plenty of good ol’ fruit and veggies (so you can stock up on treats to complement your meat, duh), you could easily stay here allllll day, and when I stopped by for lunch on sunny winter Wednesday, that’s exactly what I did.

With a legit heritage tram inside the restaurant that you can actually sit in (yes, really), I knew exactly where I wanted to seat myself to enjoy a drink before settling in for a long lunch. Boasting a menu with seriously sustainable vibes and a local focus, even the drinks list is home grown. The passionfruit house soda I ordered was refreshing, clean and exactly what I needed after a morning of deadlines.

Moving into the restaurant for my main meal, the daily spit roast-baked potato with sour cream and chimichurri seemed like an obvious choice but after being swayed by the wait staff, I opted for the brisket sandwich AND ploughman’s platter (don’t judge me).

The ploughman’s platter was stacked tall with brie cheese (my fave), house pickled vegetables, olives, Porchetta, saucisson sec and Dust Bakery bread, and I’m telling you now, I could eat this for breakfast, lunch and tea. Everything on the platter was the best of the best and it’s easy to see why they opt for local produce when it’s of such a high standard.

Jam-packed with 8-hour sous-vide and 4-hour smoked meat, the brisket sandwich was almost as good (if not better) than the ploughman’s. Complete with tomato, mustard mayo and glorious, glorious hot chips, the meat was soft, succulent and god damn delicious. This sandwich is the kind of thing meat dreams are made of, if meat dreams were a thing, obvs.

After gorging on god damn delicious meat, you can order the same god damn deliciousness to take home.  You don’t even need to leave your seat thanks to their handy ‘'The Shop' booklet, which is sneakily placed on your table and lists everything you can buy in their butcher shop and grocery aisle. Taking my time to order pretty much one of everything, I left lunch with meat and cheese for dinner and have already booked in to come back.

Whether you’re after a casual lunch, dinner date in a tram or just need to do your grocery shopping, Butcher and The Farmer is always a good idea.

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Image credit: Butcher and The Farmer

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