Sip Your Way Through Self-Iso With Continental Deli’s Canned Cocktails

By Jessica Best
27th Mar 2020

There’s a lot happening across Sydney’s hospitality scene at the moment, with a growing number of restaurants, cafes and bars kicking off takeaway and delivery options to help us all survive self-iso. We have a live list rolling, right here—and we’re encouraging you to support your local faves as much as you can, because, let’s face it guys, we need them more than ever. 

And, being Friday, we feel you should be across the latest from Newtown’s iconic Continental Deli.

You know this Australia Street institution for being a brilliant date-night spot, for its walls lined with fancy deli goods from charcuterie to tinned caviar and sardines and, of course, their famous tinned cocktails. And, praise be, these beauties are all available to take away. 

The “Mar-tinny”—Continental's canned riff on the staple martini—has become the Sydney “Quaran-tinny” we all need in our lives. Via Continental's Bopple page, you can order the full suite of tinnys, including the “Cosmopoli-tin”, the “Can-hattan”, the “Ameri-can-o” and the “Negroni in a Tin”. Honestly, we couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the weekend. 

Continental is also peddling other tinned goods—like anchovies, clams, sardines and soups, as well as menu items like mortadella or meatball sambos, charcuterie plates, three-cheese toasties, pastas and roast chickens. 

Head over here to order.

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Image credit: Continental Deli

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