For The Love Of Bento | Sydney’s Best Bento Boxes

By Jessica Best
29th Nov 2016

Sydney's Best Bento

Why do we love bento boxes? Three reasons. Firstly, they’re functional AF. Secondly, they’re essentially a gift box of assorted sushi and tempura, and thirdly; have you ever had a bento box that wasn’t good? Exactly.

In the interests of avoiding that #basicbentolife we give you the only list you need when it comes to finding the best bento boxes in Sydney.



The bento boxes at Umami are absolutely unreal. Hit up anything from their sukiyaki beef, sashimi or chicken katsu boxes. They all come with salad, miso soup and rice so you’re on to a good thing no matter what your flavour. Plus, their special bento is something worth trying, we’re talking an arrangement of sashimi sushi, teriyaki chicken, agedashi tofu salad, a selection of entrees and of course, rice.

Rising Sun Workshop


Bike newbies are totally welcome at the Rising Sun Workshop (which is great for us), because this seriously cool workshop space is home to one of Sydney’s best Japanese inspired cafes. If that doesn’t sound epic, we don’t know what does. These guys are a talented bunch, mastering all things when it comes to bikes and bentos. And the breakfast bento is hella good, with rolled egg, pickles, miso soup, sesame stalks, silken tofu, yoghurt and brown rice. Hungry? We are too.

MISO Japanese Restaurant

World Square

Everyone is loving MISO (including us) so it’s only right that we spill all the deets about this gem. Hidden in an alley on the edge of World Square, these guys are serving up colourful bento bowls we’d happily eat at any time of the day. The unagi bento is a massive winner packed with BBQ eel, salmon sashimi, tsukune chicken, rice, tofu, eggplant dengaku, egg omelette and fruit. And we effing love it.


Surry Hills

For modern Japanese fare with a huge selection of bento spreads, Siorie is a must. Imagine a crazy big sushi salad, (soon to be your favourite of all time), because the bento boxes here are that impressive. Grab a mix of bulgogi beef, spicy pork, popcorn prawn or chicken karage. Or you could just get them all— get them all.

Kabuki Shoroku


When it comes to some finer dining, a fancy bento feast is right up our alley. Bring your belly to this holy grail of Japanese cuisine and bring your mates too. For your classic bento, choose anything from their chicken, beef or fish boxes packed with tempura and teriyaki goods. And if you’re keen to tick a sushi and sashimi boat off your bento bucketlist, you can do that here too. And we highly suggest that you do.


North Sydney

You know when you unpack your online shopping deliveries? Well, the bento boxes here strike up much the same level excitement. If the sound of agedashi tofu, wagyu beef tataki and salmon sashimi, or seasoned vegetables, edamame and vegetable tempura get your heart racing, this is the place for you. And these bad boys are takeaway too. Which means bento all day, erryday.

Sushi Club


Sushi Club is rife with super fresh and delicious Bento boats and Bento boxes. It’s the kind of place our stomachs are losing it over and we just can’t get enough. All are laden with colourful arrangements making that pre-food snap totally mandatory. And for the ultimate bento banquet, bring your crew because there are so many good options on the menu you won’t be able to cover them all by yourself (trust us, we’ve tried).



Bento by the beach gets a big #yas from us. The locals are in complete love with Jipang, and you will too. Boxing up some seriously good bento staples, Jipang is the hidden Japanese eatery that will easily satisfy all your tempura, pork and karaage cravings.

Mekato Bento


Mekato Bento offers up some crazy colourful bento fusions. Loaded with anything from sauteed pork, deep fried tuna and teriyaki kingfish, to chicken oyako, salted grilled salmon and toji chicken katsu mixes, the decision is tough. And the temptation to order everything is tougher.

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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