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Mini Urban Parks Have Rolled In To Glebe

By Ange Law - 01 Nov 2016

Glebe urban parklets

From this week, Glebe is jazzing up their empty car spaces with cute little parklets. In case you aren’t sure what that actually means (we weren’t either), the parklet is a mini urban park on wheels – with bench seating and tables to give you a sneaky spot to park in while you sip your coffee or read a book. Glebe is leading the way in Sydney for car parks that don’t suck (no mean feat). 

The parklets will be wheeled on in to empty car spots in the morning and will hang around for a little while, with the hopes of upping the city’s culture and bringing the good people of Sydney together (naawwww). 

The Glebe Chamber Of Commerce is behind these cute little parks, inspired by the 50 that are already roaming around San Francisco. The City Of Sydney is getting behind it as well, waving parking fees and fines for the first 12 months. 

The first parklet was wheeled in front of Brewristas yesterday, so keep an eye out for them. Stay in the loop here

There's also all of these free things happening in November, so get on that.

Image credit: Glebe Chamber of Commerce

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