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POPS Have Officially Arrived In Australia

By Ben Tyers
1st Dec 2016

pops melbourne

It’s only the first day of Summer, but bloody hell it’s already shaping up to be a ripper. Back in October, we let you know that POPS were on their way to Australia, so you can get that champagne icy pole Calippo style hit.

Top news just in, they’re not officially available in the world’s most liveable city (that would be Melbourne) as of December 1st. These are the highest-class icy poles that money can buy and they’ve been made in the UK since 2014.

They’re now exclusively available at Arbory Bar & Eatery in Melbourne, and also via If you’re looking to head to The Pleasure Garden, Let Them Eat Cake or Inverloch Sounds Of Summer you’ll be able to grab yourself one there as well.

The following flavours are available:


Champagne 4.3% ABV Tastes just like a glass of champagne with a crisp, dry finish 38 calories Gluten-free


Prosecco & Peach 3.8% ABV
Half a glass of Prosecco, the juice of a ripe peach, coloured with hibiscus flowers with a dash of blood orange 56 Calories Gluten-free

Strawberry & Mint

Made with real fruit 33 Calories Gluten-free Alcohol-free 80ml.

Apple & Elderflower

Made with real fruit 42 Calories Gluten-free Alcohol-free

For further details, and if you're looking at stocking them at an upcoming event, hit up their website here.

Image Credit: POPS

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