S’mores Pop Tarts Exist And All Your Childhood Dreams Have Come True

By Alana Callus
1st Aug 2017


Our American comrades are always coming up with ridiculous desserts—peanut butter brownies, cheesecakes the size of your head, deep-fried oreos. But nothing will ever top the American movie classic of s’mores and you know it. 

Well don’t worry guys, we’ve just found something even better than the humble s’more (yes, really) and you can get it riiiiiight here in Sydney. Introducing you to the s’mores pop tart from Banh Meats & Co

As delicious as your picturing (and slightly more OTT), think layers of gooey marshmallow goodness, coated in chocolate, squished between soft slices of toast and topped off with a sprinkling of fairy dust icing sugar. Hungry yet? Yep, we are too.

By the looks of it these guys have mastered the perfect balance between toasted crunchy outside and more molten marshmallow than you can handle. Get your hot little hands on this glorious masterpiece here

There's also a dog film festival touring Australia, because the world is great. 

Image credit: Banh Meats & Co

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