5 Savvy Airport Hacks For Your Next Trip

By Urban List Writers
31st Oct 2018

With the holiday (read: silly) season just around the corner, it’s quite likely you’ll be heading to the airport at some stage over the summer. But as exciting and relaxing as a holiday getaway is, travelling is always easier when you are prepared.

To ensure your airport experience is more delightful than dire, we’ve listed five savvy airport survival tips to try the next time you fly out. 

Pre-book your parking

Not only can you save time by pre-booking your airport parking, it’s easy-peasy and you can save some serious cash. Gone are the days of circling the airport carpark praying for a park. And if you’re a bit of an organisation oracle, do we have good news for you. You can book your parking up to 12 months in advance (we don’t even know what we’re doing tomorrow let alone next year, but ok).

Check Your Flights Through Facebook and Twitter

If you haven’t already noticed, Sydney Airport’s T1 International is now a ‘quiet terminal’, so there’s no more endless updates about last-minute calls, flights boarding or closing. It’s as simple as checking your flight times and updates on the Sydney Airport website – or better yet, jumping on the @flySYD Facebook or Twitter pages and staying up-to-date with the flight subscription service (or for all the latest info on your flight). Missing your flight can remain a thing of the past.

Pick up a 'Fly by Mike' pack

For Sydney food aficionados, Kitchen by Mike needs no introduction. Gastronomical genius, Mike McEnearney, has dished up moreish, local produce packed with zing and zest for nearly a decade across his restaurants, and his exclusive Sydney Airport arm is no different. Not only can you tuck into his coveted beer-can jerk chicken, twice-cooked pork belly with Piccadilly or wood-fired brussels sprouts, you can also grab ‘em to go to avoid the dreaded bland beef or flavourless chicken scenario on some airways. Now, that’s something to look forward to on a long-haul flight.

Duty free online shopping

What’s better than tax-free shopping? Why, tax-free online shopping, of course. If you want to nail your duty-free like a boss (who doesn’t?!) then HEINEMANN Tax & Duty Free 'shop and collect' will make it happen. You can now browse and purchase the products you want from up to 30 days prior to your flight, and simply collect them when you’re there. Too easy. Like we needed another reason to shop – ha!  

Hit up Heinemann TAX & DUTY FREE range of bars

There are two types of people in the world: those who arrive early and those who arrive late. When arriving at the airport before a long flight, the age-old idiom ‘the early bird gets the worm’ is more fact than a mere metaphor. Fortunately, for the early birds, HEINEMANN Tax & Duty Free has created bespoke destinations within its store including a tasting bar showcasing the latest liquors, limited edition and exclusive bottles. If you’re in the mood for something more, Coast Café and Bar and Bridge Bar feature menus by Luke Mangan with a selection of local wines and cocktails to enjoy - so you can swirl, sniff and sip 'til your heart's content. Now, that's worth leaving early for. 

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