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Sydney, You Can Now Score Free Rides Across Our Glorious City

By Jessica Best - 12 Mar 2018

Sydney, we’re gracing your feeds this fine day to fill you in on some massive news. If you’re the type of human that loves NOT paying for adult-life expenses (cue groceries, phone bills and yeah, transport) you’re going to love the bombshell that’s just been dropped.

We’re talking a new ridesharing app that’ll give you free rides across the good ol’ Big Smoke otherwise known as Sydney. Let us repeat: free rides. Oh yeah, being an adult never felt so damn great.

Basically, you’re going to want to download Ola (Australia’s newest ridesharing platform which our Perth-friends are already telling us is a major hit) from the Android or Apple App Store, register (obvs), then book a ride and boom—you won’t have to pay a thing for your first ride. Because like any good Sydney-sider, you’re a sucker for free shiz.

And hey, why not take your first free ride to one of these secret swimming spots?

Image credit: Toa Heftiba

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