The 10 Most Read Articles Of 2015

By Sophia Fukunishi
23rd Dec 2015

Well, what a year 2015 was! We saw more restaurants open than we knew what do to with (besides try our best to eat at ALL of them), there were pop-ups aplenty, and we saw some pretty ridiculous things done to the humble milkshake. All in all, I’m surprised we’re not all about 5kg heavier—but hey, at least we all had fun, right?

Here are the ten most read articles on The Urban List Sydney this year. Some of them may surprise you!

#10 If you ask me, sushi trains are one of the greatest inventions of this modern age and I think you might agree with me because 11 of Sydney’s best sushi trains came in at number ten.

#9 How far have you made it through our bucket list eats?

#8 Seems as though you guys love good pub grub as much as we do because 50 of the best pub meals in Sydney ranked 8th most read.

#7 We’re well aware that many of these restaurants are in the inner west. 

#6 They don’t say “inner west is best” just because it rhymes. There are also some reeeeeally good cafes there too. 

#5 Shredding for nothin’. Our top 10 cake shops in Sydney really took the cake in 2015.

#4 Did you all feel the feels when you read 21 things that are so Sydney it hurts

#3 We may have offended more than a few people when we posted this article earlier in the year. 

#2 With more cafes than people in Sydney (I made that up, obviously), our 100 Sydney cafes you should have been to by now came in at number two.  

#1 Looks like you guys were really thirsty in 2015 because 50 bars you should have been to if you live in Sydney was our most read for this year. Drink up, boozehounds!

Another article we think you're gonna love? Our 50 things to do in Sydney under $50.

Image credit: Jackielyn Powell at POKLOL

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