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Shout The Next Round, This Sydney Pub Is Now Pouring 4-In-1 Super Schooners

By Jessica Best
19th Nov 2020

Not all heroes wear capes, but if you can effortlessly carry four schooeys from bar to table you’re an absolute legend in our eyes—and one that’s hard to find.

Taking shouting the next round to the next level is the Super Schooner, a new style of schooner that'll make the long walk back from the bar, beers for your mates in hand, an absolute breeze. And good news, you can already find it saving lives in Marrickville’s Vic On The Park for a cruisy $28 (but you can’t really put a price on freedom now, can you?).

The masterpiece itself is a certified world first, a glass system which sees four separate schooners puzzle-piece into one glorious fit, which means no matter your finger dexterity, you’ll be able to make that bar-to-table journey in one swift trip.

Head here for more details.

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Image credit: Merivale

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