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19 Things You Can Do Before Work This Summer

By Jessica Best
9th Dec 2017

Yep, this is the list that’ll no doubt help you make the most of your day before your much needed summer break and, you know, once you’re back to that #werklyf (but at least you’ll have a tan?).

And what a way to kick-off summer—by ticking every one of these bad boys off before the season of good ol’ sunny beach days ends. Sure as anything, the below pre-work antics include all things early morning SUP-ing, wrapping yourself like a cocoon (because why not?) and cold-brew coffee mocktails!

Here are 19 things to do before work this summer

  1. Take a stab at a SUP class before you whack on your work gear and cry.
  2. Hit up any of these waterways for a pre-work dip.
  3. Run the Harbour Foreshore track in the Botanic Gardens. Alright you’ll probably just be grammin’ the view the whole time but whatever, you tried.
  4. Consume your body weight in butter croissants or chilled chia (if you’re about that life) at Jardin St James, it opens as early as 7am and has a beautiful garden!
  5. Change up your fitness routine and go for a swim sesh at Prince Alfred Park (no judgement if you happen to need every floating device ever—especially if it’s a unicorn).
  6. Set your alarm clock to the dark hours and watch the sunrise in any of these places.
  7. Cycle down at Barangaroo Reserve and don’t be stingy with the deodorant (just bring it with you for top-ups, seriously).
  8. And while you’re here, stop off at Shirt Bar because they have cheesy-mite toasties and yeah you want them even with the fiery gusts of summer winds.
  9. Wrap yourself in a cocoon and start your day right at Embody.
  10. Get that ass out of bed and do one of these epic coastal walks.
  11. And while you’re at it plug in and tune out to one of these genius feel-good poddies.
  12. Hit your social feed early and snap some lush AF flowers on one of these walks.
  13. Walk your dog (or someone else’s dog if you don’t have one—come on guys, we can’t come up with all the good ideas).
  14. Start your morning with a monster-sized bagel feed because bagels.
  15. Take a morning kayak around the harbour with your work mates.
  16. Stop by Dutch Smuggler for cold-brew coffee mocktails pre-work.
  17. Or make your own morning mango mash-up at home, it IS mango season after all.
  18. Make like a fit-chick (or at least half of one) and hit up one of these outdoor gyms.
  19. Just chuck a sickie and take a road trip here (you didn’t hear it from us).

Here are 50 more things to do in Sydney this summer.

Image credit: Caitlin Hicks

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