Today Is Going To Be Even Hotter Than Yesterday And RIP Our Air Con

By Ange Law
13th Apr 2018


If you’re anything like me—AKA living in an air con-less hot box loft apartment in Sydney—the news that today will bring sweltering temps that may just kill you (too far?) is almost more than we can handle. Also, it’s Friday the 13th soooo there’s that. 

One look on the Bureau of Meteorology website and we can see that they’re not actually calling this one a heatwave—in fact, they haven’t mentioned today’s temps anywhere. But guys, 35 degrees in April? We’re calling it. There’s a big fat, huge freaking heatwave hitting Sydney RIGHT NOW and we can’t deal. Seriously, can someone teach me how to deal with this? 

We hope you’re kicking it in the same way we are—in summer dresses that are more beach appropriate than office attire, knocking back ice cold water (then wine from 12pm) and scoffing avo on toast. That last one is more of an everyday coping mechanism but hey, can’t hurt right?

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Image credit: Adam Krowitz

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