Where To Get Slow Cooked Deliciousness This Winter

By Marina Cilona
6th Jul 2015

They say the best things are worth waiting for and anyone who’s tasted Justin North’s five hour slow cooked lamb shoulder at Hotel Centennial will surely agree. Lucky for those punters, the magic happens behind the scenes, hours before service, so that each plate of roasted goodness is ready to go within 30 minutes of ordering.

These Sydney restaurants are serving up some damn fine slow cooked meals, which are perfect for these wintry days and nights.

The Apollo

Potts Point

The chefs at The Apollo know a thing or two about lamb that has been cooked so long it falls from the bone, each tender morsel proof that the wait was absolutely worth it. We say get a group of you together and order the whole thing - it'll be one of those meals you'll talk about for years to come.

Dal Bukhara

Rose Bay

Once your carnivorous cravings have been satisfied, you might appreciate the time put into the creamy, slightly smoky dal tadka, which has been hand stirred for hours at Dal Bukhara. Deeeelicious!


Surry Hills

Would any slow-cooked round up be complete without this meaty Sydney institution? If you can't decide between the 8-hour suckling pig or lamb, not to worry. The Argentinian way is to share, which means no slow cooked bite need be the same as the last (although we won't blame you for taking a few). We love that Porteño pack a barbequed punch into winter. 

El Topo

Bondi Junction

We’re even seeing slow cooked food at some of Sydney’s best Mexican restaurants—a cuisine generally known for its fast, street-style nosh. At El Topo, Executive Chef Amir Jamil has come up with a dish of 12-hour beef short rib with barbacoa sauce and baby onions which will have you praising the patron saint of patience.  

Four in Hand


You’ll need to gather nine of your nearest and dearest (or anyone will do, really) for the porcine treat at Four in Hand. A whole suckling pig will set you back $80, however that does include accompaniments (and those include Colin Fassnidge’s famous colcannon, amongst other things). There’s also a certain theatricality about carting an entire animal through a rather flash dining room that makes it all fun and games till the end.

The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay


Perched atop Glebe Rowing Club, The Boathouse offers panoramic views across Blackwattle Bay and the ANZAC Bridge. And that’s not the only reason to save your pennies and book in for a meal here. The flaky, truffle-scented snapper pie is a house specialty and well worth the 25-minute wait. It comes with creamy mash and smoky tomato for a bit of edge.    

Ms Miller


Once you've enjoyed one of Ms Miller's super light salads for lunch during the day, come back when the candles are out and the mood gets a little more sultry. Because you're about to be romanced by the 5 hour lamb. Sure it's amazingly tender, but it's the piquant preserved lemon that really sets this lamb apart. Served with soft sweet potatoes and crunchy toasted almonds, it'll be the perfect lamb in your life. 

The Public


For a more pubby slow cooked feast, tear into The Public's lamb kleftiko. The lamb shoulder is seared off and slow roasted over 6 hours, then delightfully packaged "en papillote" so you get a blast of lamby goodness when you open it up. This epic parcel is a bit of a beast, so it comes to share between two or three (which is a pretty great way to affirm some of your closest friendships if you ask us). If it all gets a bit much, dip the lamb into the tzatziki or give the charred lemon a squeeze, to cut through the meatiness.

Image credit: The Apollo 

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