You’re Bacon Me Crazy! | 20 Of Sydney’s Best Bacon Dishes

By Sophia Fukunishi
31st Oct 2014

Bacon. Let us say it again. Bacon. Even saying the word, our mouths instantly begin to water and we can almost smell the sweet smokiness wafting through the air. Bacon. Is it happening to you too? If you love bacon as much as we do (and if you're reading this article, we guess you do), then this is one delicious list you must read.

From the kitchens of some of Sydney's best restaurants, we've found 20 of Sydney's best bacon dishes to fulfill all your porkiest desires.

Bring on the bacon!

  1. Like any bacon-loving citizen we are going to start with dessert because, YOLO. ACME's Malteser ice cream with candied bacon is a great way to start or end any meal.
  2. What may seem like an odd combination of flavours, Pinbone's bacon, maple and pumpkin tart is the work of pure pork genius.
  3. If Elvis were around today The Baron's Elvis slider, which is absolutely loaded with bacon, would have his tick of approval (but maybe not the Heart Foundation's).
  4. Hartsyard's pulled pork with mapled bacon, yoghurt, and apple will send you to bacon heaven and back.
  5. Bacon in alcohol form?! Well, kinda. Mary's Bloody Mary comes with bacon layered over a slice of blow-torched American cheese. It's naughty, but we like it like that.
  6. Kitchen By Mike's bacon butty is essentially a sandwich loaded with bacon and that's basically the best thing ever. 
  7. Try Black Velvet's bacon cupcakes. They're sweet, savoury, and confusingly delicious.
  8. The Tuckshop in Glenhaven's Tradie Roll with bacon, egg, and tomato or bbq sauce will satisfy those bacon cravings. Need more bacon? Just ask!
  9. You'd think any place with pig in the name would know what they're talking about when it comes to bacon. The guys at The Pig & Pastry do, and it's their sweet corn fritters with poached eggs, crispy bacon and avocado salsa that keep us coming back for more.
  10. We love a bit of house-made bacon. Visit Bishop Sessa and try their potato-wrapped, red-wine-braised wagyu with bacon, roast parsnip, rainbow chard, and red wine sauce. It is, as the French say, délicieux.
  11. We'll accept bacon in most forms, up to and including pies. The Pie Tin's tender steak, cheese, and smoky bacon pie is our kind of pie.
  12. One of the best sandwiches known to man, or at least Sydney, Brickfields' bacon sandwich is the shiz.
  13. The famous Ms G's stoners delight is onto its third iteration. Complete with doughnut ice cream, peanut dulce de leche, peanut & pretzel brittle, crispy bacon, Mars Bar brownie, potato chips, and deep-fried Nutella this is one heck of a dessert.
  14. Make like a Canadian and tuck into the bacon pancakes at Cowbell 808.
  15. More bacon and egg rolls! Three Williams', The Merchant comes with a chilli fried egg, crispy bacon, pickled slaw, and ranch dressing.
  16. Meat with a side of bacon? We're in. Bridge St Garage's Mississippi-style green beans are pan-fried green beans with bacon and onion. The green beans make the dish healthy while the bacon makes it delicious.
  17. Cuckoo Callay's comically named #hashtag browns include a hash brown, poached egg, pea puree, avocado, and mandatory bacon steak.
  18. Look, egg and bacon rolls are one of the world's greatest food inventions and have been curing hangovers for decades, which is why we have a few on this list. bill's chilli fried egg and bacon roll will cure a sore head and a grumbling stomach.
  19. Quiche it real at Bourke Street Bakery and pick up a bacon, gruyere, and leek quiche. If you're lucky enough to score a table, then you're having a good day. If not, take it away with you and cram it into your mouth in the privacy of your own home.
  20. Because we look for the opportunity to add bacon wherever possible, order a Shakespeare's double American cheeseburger and ask them to add bacon. Do it. Do it now.

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Image credit: The Tuckshop

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