The Verdict | We Try The Raindrop Cake

By Rachel Lay
26th Apr 2016

When a dessert’s key descriptors are ‘viral’ and ‘tasteless’ it’s kind of hard to get excited about tasting it. But, the Raindrop Cake just happens to be kind of adorable, and kind of weird, so it’s safe to say we were pretty excited about eating a giant, potentially gross and potentially life changing dessert. The Raindrop Cake has been brought to Brisbane by Harujuku Gyoza at long last, and we drove straight in to try it.

What did we think? Well, it was interesting. To say our jaws dropped when the jiggly, woobly blob of cake landed in front of us is an understatement. The ‘droplet’ comes complete with Kuromitsu (caramelized sugar syrup) and a soil-inspired spoonful of kinako (roasted soy flour) and sesame seeds.

We’re warned to dig in pronto as the droplet melts in around 30 minutes. But let’s be real, smashing a dessert out in 30 minutes is a walk in the park for us. Challenge accepted. The cake actually begins to melt a little earlier than 30 minutes, but slurp it all up nonetheless.

The taste of the Raindrop Cake is weird, but enjoyable. When you dip your spoon into the droplet it keeps its jelly-like texture all the way into your mouth. It doesn’t pack a punch of flavour though; think more airy, light and fresh than sickly sweet. The hit of flavour comes from the kuromitsu while the kinako balances out the flavours and changes up the texture. 

Given that the cake has zero calories, we didn’t feel guilty at all ordering a second one.

Want all the details? Check out Harjuku Gyoza in The Directory!

Image credit: Today

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