5 Alternative Therapies To Heal Your Holiday Overkill

By Samantha Kamala
19th Jan 2018

alternative therapies gold coast

A few too many glasses (bottles?) of bubbles and at least three kilos of cake, breads and cheeses. So say all of us after the long and festive summer season. 

As insanely fun as it all may be, the post-holiday blues can leave us drained, imbalanced and endlessly sluggish. A bout of exercise and good food will no doubt help things along, but these alternative therapies available here on the Gold Coast could be the final nudge back to normality your body needs. 

Salt Therapy | Himalayan Salt Factory 

Mermaid Waters 

At $40 for a two-person 45-minute session, this therapy is both economical and vital. Down at the Himalayan Salt Factory’s salt cave you’ll lounge amidst three tonnes of Himalayan crystal mineral salt that hold 250 million years of age. The unpolluted, crystalline mineral composition of Himalayan salt therapy is proven to reduce the body’s stress and inflammation. Said to “help clear unwanted inhaled particles from the respiratory tract,” salt therapy may be useful for those who had a particularly unholy Christmas… 

Acupuncture | Yan Ling Chinese Medicine Clinic 

Robina & Southport

With 34 years of public hospital practice in China between them, Ms Yan Ling Li and Mr Kelvin Xu are the real deal when it comes to Chinese medicine. Any nausea you may have at the thought of being a human pillow cushion will all but dissolve in the care of their Robina and Southport treatment centres. Soft voices, dim lights and warmed skin set the scene and assure patients that all is well, and all will be healed. Specialising in liver problems, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, migraines and plenty more, acupuncture and herbal teas may be the one stop solution for your festive indulgences. 

Ionic Foot Spa | Top Cats Beauty

Mermaid Beach

If you know a thing or two about the body’s PH levels, you’ll know that a Christmas blowout will leave you nudging to the peaks of acidic in desperate need of some alkalising. Much like sipping liquid chlorophyll and eating your bodyweight in celery, the ionic foot spa works to make the body more alkaline by removing toxins. The Top Cats Beauty team also offer a musculo-skeletal Infra-Red Cocoon Sauna (the word ‘cocoon’ says it all), as well as Dermafield treatment for rebalancing cells after an overload of electrical energy such as mobile phones, computers and toxins. Who knew such miracles existed?  

AromaTouch | Holistic Therapies Gold Coast

Mermaid Waters 

Tickling the sense of scent and promoting deep healing through the meridians of the body, AromaTouch is a unique and hugely relaxing experiencing. Through the use of essential oils, patients will be gifted with renewed balance, returning the body to a state of overall health and harmony. Beyond AromaTouch, Holistic Therapies Gold Coast offer Reiki, Pellowah, and Rahanni—best investigate these soul-calming treatments if you’ve never heard of them. 

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy | Cosmos Clinic


Sunny days and plenty of booze—the perfect recipe for dehydration. If you’ve started imagining your organs shrivelled, deflated and floating around your body like dried apricots, consuming three litres of water may not feel sufficient. Enter Intravenous Vitamin Therapy from Cosmos Clinic, also known as: getting hooked up to a drip for about an hour to have an intense bout of fluids and a cocktail of vitamins pumped directly into your bloodstream. Great for general body healing, fatigue and immune system boosting; if it’s good enough for Madonna and Rhi-Rhi, it’s good enough for us. 

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Image credit: Simon Rae

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