The Gold Coast Is Getting A Cat Café!

By Brooke Darling
1st Jul 2016

Listen up, folks, ‘cause you’re going to have kittens over this news!

Word has recently broken that the Gold Coast is soon to join the ranks of our pussy-loving capital cousins with our very own cat café. Srsly! What’s more, we won’t be waiting long with this paw-some new café making preparations to open its doors in Surfers Paradise as early as August.

You don’t need to be a crazy cat lady (or gent!) to appreciate snuggling up to an adorable fur-ball with your next cup of joe or toasted sanga. Crazy Cat Café will be brought to you by self-confessed cat fanatic and Gold Coast local, Jackie Moureau and best friend Neil McIntosh who’ll be sharing their friendly moggies with the masses and at least 10 resident cats waiting patiently for pats, cuddles, and playtime. Visitors can expect to pay a small fee for the unique privilege of hangin’ out with gorgeous fuzz-ball breeds including Ragdolls, Maine Coons, Birmans, Manx, Siberian, and Munchkins; some of which have been rescued cats.

To satisfy strict food hygiene regulations (can’t have you choking on a hairball), the cats will be separated from the café by a double door, living fulltime in a kitty-cuddling lounge area, AKA pussycat heaven. Cosy up with a locally-sourced coffee, tea, ready-to-go meals, or sweet treats in a comfy couch or bean bag, or, with free wifi available, you can even bring the laptop to work or study while blissful cats keep your feet warm. Kitty-related merchandise will also be on offer plus, with a veterinarian in the family, you can rest assured the cats will be kept healthy as well as happy.

Whether you’re in need of some feline therapy to relieve a little stress, or you’re keen to make a four-legged addition to the family soon and want to know which breed is best for you, you’re gonna want to add this one to the diary, and hold out ‘til August for the ultimate tabby fix.

Where: Centre Arcade, Surfers Paradise


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