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PSA: Lush Just Dropped Vegan Foundation Sticks In 40 Shades

By Jessica Best
2nd Jul 2018


Beauty fiends, we’re hitting you with some major news so sit down and brace yourselves for an epic announcement. Our fave-smelling store Lush has just launched a brand new solid foundation called Slap Sticks and we’re already 100 per cent onboard.

Just so you know, they’re made up of coconut oil, Peruvian jojoba oil and argan oil so you’re going to be nailing that dewy post-facial radiance like a champ. These sticks also sport medium and buildable coverage so if you’ve watched any make-up tutorial ever, you’ll know that means you can go from a light touch-up to full-on glam with these babies.

You should also know the Slap Sticks are retailing for $26.95 a pop online in Australia and New Zealand, and they're a #LushLab product which means they’re only going to be around for a month ie. the whole of July, and will only be available online sooooo do what you have to and get in quick!

ICYMI, here are some eco-friendly beauty products saving the world's oceans.

Image Credit: Lush Cosmetics

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