There's A Meatball Restaurant Opening On The Gold Coast!

By Brooke Darling
10th Mar 2016

Did someone say MEATBALLS?!

We at Metropolist, together with the collective loyal fans of sibling cafe, Skull & Bones Espresso have been waiting with baited breath for this announcement and, folks, the time has arrived! Yep, Mermaid Beach has yet ANOTHER awesome new eatery throwing open its doors this week—all bow to Ball Boy Meatballs.

Now we could go a little nuts with an article full of puns, but we’ll refrain ourselves, promise. Owner Jesse Garlick and the cheeky crew that enriched our lives with brekkie and lunch on a bagel, has finally received the big green tick of approval on their new venture and they want you to come and taste the goods. Like, tomorrow!

Located just down the road from Skull & Bones, Ball Boy Meatballs have utilised the extra time perfecting their recipes and trust us when we say—you’ll be wanting these saucy handmade balls in and around your mouth, stat.

Jesse is a firm believer of focusing on one thing and exploiting it; which he’s successfully achieved with bagels at Skull & Bones, and hotdogs at Wiener Haus—the latter he helped to start, but has since sold his share to old business partner, Paddy.

Specialising in one thing and doing it really well is the norm in the US and Asia, and we think it’s a concept that should be embraced more on the Gold Coast. When close friends returned from New York with the meatball idea, Jesse knew it was something yet to be executed here, so after an exhausting year of research and planning, he and the team are damn stoked to finally throw open the doors.

Behind the counter you’ll see some familiar faces from Skull & Bones, who’ll be working their magic in an intimate space decked out with a funky yet decidedly sporty theme. Colourful school cafeteria-style chairs are paired with table tops resembling score boards from the gym; with underlying raw textures of besser blocks, concrete, and wood.

Pair their savoury goodies with drool-worthy macaron ice cream sandwiches and a selection of speciality craft beer and cider in tinnies.

Ball Boy is promising a simple menu that’s designed to be versatile and ever-changing. Diners can expect regular specials and “build your own” options, pairing homemade balls (think: beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fish, and vego) with sauces (such as pomodoro, pesto, and blue cheese); depending if you’re a carnivore or tree-hugger. Also on the roster are “Balls ‘n’ Buns” sliders and subs, plus the “School Tray”—a meal combo with sub, waffle hash side, dessert, and soft or boozy drink. And with Gold Coast Growers Market within arm’s reach, Ball Boy will take full advantage of seasonal produce as well as hard-to-access ingredients.

Don’t be fooled by the name, veggie and vegan lovers have not been shunned—with the crafty crew rolling up all kinds of ingredients, at times improvising with dishes such as bocconcini BALLS on an heirloom tomato and basil salad, and vegan-friendly falafel balls on quinoa brown rice topped with hummus.

Pair their savoury goodies with drool-worthy macaron ice cream sandwiches (we’ll be first in line for those bad boys!) and a selection of speciality craft beer and cider in tinnies—very on trend, fellas! In actual fact, the tinnie revival revolution is very real—cans are just like mini kegs that are not affected by light hence retaining their crisp flavours in the truest form; the same theory that screw caps replaced corks in wine bottles. Even our very own Balter Brewing will be coming out with tinnies later this year. For now, you can expect canned brews such as Orion from the same family as Asahi (with a rep for a texture like champagne), Moritz out of Spain (one of our faves), Brisbane’s Green Beacon, Four Pines, a superb apple cider from Batlow, and a select handful of international wines.

To start with, Ball Boy Meatballs will be opening for dinner only, Wednesday to Sunday, with the kitchen open 5pm—9.30pm. So, get the ball rolling folks, and share the good news with your friends and lover—saucy balls all ‘round!

Where: 2475 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach


Photo Credit: Ball Boy Meatballs

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