10 Dishes to Eat Before Winter is Officially Over

By Jessica Rayner
19th Aug 2015

The warmer weather is finally coming out to play so it’s time to head out and eat up the last of the wintery grub on offer at these Sydney restaurants. The months ahead will be full of ice cream, salads and lighter fare so in a last hurrah, it’s time to feast on the best of the warming and hearty food we’ve been living off in these chilly months.

After all, summer and soup does not a great combo make.

Da Orazio’s spaghetti alla carbonara


In the heart of Bondi, this authentically casual Italian eatery has some of the best pasta and pizza around (obvs!) Although you’ve probably been scarfing down most of their menu this winter, the comforting and creaminess of their carbonara is definitely the dish to end the season with so make sure you grab a bowl or two before the summer rolls around. 

Greek at the Belvedere’s slow cooked lamb shoulder


Although their menu takes you away to the Ionian islands, Greek at The Belvedere also serve up some pretty hearty dishes that are perfect to warm you up. Their beautifully slow cooked lamb shoulder is sure to tickle your tastebuds and with lemony spuds and tzatziki on the side, you’re looking at a very happy tummy. Trust us.

Café Giulia’s fava bean soup


A lively little spot on Abercrombie Street, this Chippendale café really knows its soups. Their menu is seasonal so that’s all the more reason to swing by a pick up a bowl of their split pea fava bean broth and get busy with some crusty bread rolls. Get it or regret it!

The bouillabaisse at Bondi’s Best


Yes, it’s a hard to pronounce dish but the embarrassment of ordering comes with a delicious reward at Bondi's Best. Served with snapper, barramundi, squid, clams, prawn and rouille, this sustainable seafood stew is a lovely dish to be had in such a lovely space.

Shuk’s beef eye fillet with sweet roast potato


The popular café, bakery and deli spot in North Bondi has a fantastic menu for all the seasons but if you want to send off winter properly, their beef eye fillet is the right way to go. Served up with some roasted sweet potatoes and house made pickles, it’s a lovely dish to savour with a glass of red and some friends at your side.

Bellevue’s seared tuna, scallop, miso and broccoli stem


The recently re-designed Paddington hotel is the perfect place to grab a warming meal in the last few weeks on winter. A total winner from their winter menu, the tuna with scallop, miso and broccoli stem, is a sophisticated farewell to the cold and can be followed up with an exciting looking dessert and cheese menu. Might as well go all out! 

117 Dining’s dry aged Tinder Creek duck breast

The InterContinental Sydney’s own restaurant focuses on serving the best of local seafood and livestock with a distinct Asian twist. A perfect example of this is their Tinder Creek duck breast served with prosciutto, miso mustard, radish and anise. The duck and the dark wood of 117 Dining’s restaurant really makes the most of the last of the early evenings.

Barrafina’s all day braised lamb ribs 


Although Spanish food is usually associated with warmth and the sun, the all day ribs are definitely a winter dish. Braised lamb with membrillo, rosemary and vinegar is one of Barrafina’s dishes that certainly suits the colder months and, with a glass of red wine, should be enjoyed before things heat up again!

The Henson’s mac’n’cheese


There’s nothing more comforting than a big bowl of cheese and pasta. Luckily, the best one can be found at the newly renovated, The Henson in Marrickville. Their mac and cheese is dished up with cauliflower, silverbeet and truffle so it’s ever so fancy!

Seafood pie at Gowings Bar & Grill


There’s nothing quite like a pie in winter (well, anytime really) and the seafood pie from Gowings Bar & Grill will warm you up good and proper. Not stingy on the fillings, this pie is laden with snapper, ocean trout, prawns and scallops in a buttery soft and flaky pastry crust. Match with some Paris mash and a glass of red, and that’s your night sorted.

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso at Greek at the Belvedere

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