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14 New Places You Should Be Drinking At Right Now

By Jessica Best
31st Jan 2017

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It’s time to rise and wine Sydney. If you haven’t kept up with the very best of Sydney’s latest openings; the kind that are offering up all kinds of booze for your after-work drinks and Sunday sessions, we’ve got you. 

As always Sydney has unveiled an epic line-up of new vintage cocktail bars, speakeasies, rooftop terraces, and beachside gems to get your drink on.

Now team, these new places aren’t going to drink themselves, here’s everywhere you and your crew should be drinking at right now in Sydney. 

The Long Goodbye


House-made liqueurs, vintage furniture, killer charcuterie and of course, cheese boards. Needless to say, The Long Goodbye is serving up everything we’ve ever dreamed a 1940s-inspired bar would. This little hole-in-the-wall is mixing delicious cocktails including their already-famous strawberry blonde, a delectable mix of lemon, strawberries, gin, soda and lemon curd.

Queens Hotel


Cocktails and Cantonese fare. Now there’s a combo we can’t miss (and neither should you). If you’re thirsty for eclectic concoctions, hit up the Queens Hotel, the latest delicious offering by our friends at Merivale. Grab your share of tasty Hong Kong street food including BBQ duck, dim sums and stir-fried milk prawns, then wash it all down with their super popular absinthe colada, or the chow sour, a delicious mix of Plymouth gin, green apple, rhubarb, mint and aquafaba! You totally just said aquafaba out loud, didn’t you?

Hotel Bondi

Bondi Beach

Hotel Bondi is the ultimate, and we mean the ULTIMATE place to get your drink (or two) on. Located on prime real estate (basically right on Bondi Beach), this summer hub is buzzing with tropical booze and cheeky concoctions. Treat your tastebuds with the pomegranate and cranberry mojito, or bring your friends along to help down an entire cocktail jug (they’re all super, super yummy!).

Four Pines Underground


Grab yourself a cold one and dive underground at the Four Pines brewery in Manly. That’s right, these guys have now opened up their third venue and we all know that good things come in threes! This location is decked out (literally) with a rustic, log-cabin interior and with an awesome beer range on tap; these beer connoisseurs even brew onsite.

Frisco Hotel


Where do we even start with Frisco Hotel? Home to the Breakfast at Tiffany’s cocktail (a bright blue mix of gin and English breakfast marmalade), an extensive wine list (orange and rosè wines included), it’s basically the type of place you’d want to be for your Sunday session… every day of the week.


The Rocks

If you’re into neon lights and espresso martinis, we give you: Tuxedo—and trust us, you’re gonna love it. Brought to you by the same incredible team that gave us Kansas City Shuffle, Tuxedo is, how do we say, next level. If you’d rather stray not too far from the classic cocktails, these guys have got your back. But just so you know, they serve up espresso martinis topped with donuts. And cocktails decked out in 100s and 1000s. Just so you know, but you do you.

East Village Rooftop


You’ll score some refreshing bevvies along with a pretty mean view of the city with this one. And let’s be real, the East Village Rooftop bar is pretty much the creme de la creme when it comes to combining drinks and epic skylines. This 1950s-inspired rooftop gem is adorned with plush cushions and striped brollies so guys, it’s pretty much the place to be when you feel like sipping margaritas and taking in all Sydney has to offer.  

Vernon’s Bar 

Summer Hill

We are seriously losing it over Vernon’s Bar. Boasting gin, vino and fab food, what could go wrong? Nothing. Vernon’s is hitting us up with alcoholic beverages in all the right ways. Think fancy cocktails (their genever crusta basil gimlet is already a favourite), in-house barrel aged negroni, fresh ales and cider, pitchers and house sodas that are so damn delicious it doesn’t even matter if you’re the sober Bob for the evening. And don’t even get us started on the bar menu.



Say it with us: drinks and nibbles aka only the two greatest things ever. And needless to say, this post-WWII themed bar is nailing them both. If the menu isn’t a novelty in itself (cue diagrams of how every drink is made), the actual drinks and old-time Parisian feels will be. By the way, the Polynesian pearl diver cocktail with Bacardi, orange, lemon and coconut lemon butter is a must. And so is the Pebble Lane with white rum, rhubarb, elderflower and citrus. Don’t panic, you’re obviously going to get both.



Raise a glass at the new Beta Bar, and believe us when we tell you that Google images doesn’t even do the grand design of this Greek mecca any justice. It’s sleek, upscale and super perfect for your Friday night drinking shenanigans. For a glass of bubbly, a flashy concoction or some marble adorned glassware… this is fancy on a whole other level.

Lady Hampshire


For something a little more laid back (and where you can watch all of the sport), Lady Hampshire is where it’s at. This inner-west institution is delivering all the goods; a killer vibe, excellent drinks and yes, the burgers are still just as epic as everyone says they are.

Blue Caboose

Crows Nest

Blue Caboose is ticking off all the boxes when it comes to eating and drinking (so it’s already a massive win for us). The atmosphere is so on point you could literally eat mezze selections and drink craft cocktails (like their baklava espresso martini), all day. Plus they’re serving up a Moroccan pot punch in epic little teapots… and we’re kinda obsessed with them.

Hotel Ravesis

Bondi Beach

We basically feel like we’re on a tropical vaycay everytime we step into Hotel Ravesis. This iconic pink and white beachside bar is a local institution (and for a good reason too). Bring your entire gang to conquer the seriously delicious Pimms punch bowl or work your way down one of the best cocktail menus known to the world. You’ll probably (read: definitely) want to hit up the Bacardi 8 shaken with fresh lemon and house-made berry tea syrup more than once.

Charlie Parker’s


Because booze in the basement is always better. We love a good speakeasy, and Charlie Parker’s is no exception (planted right under the Paddington favourite Fred’s). At this neighbourhood bar they just get it right. And lucky for us, the food is on par with the drink menu meaning not only will you get to enjoy a super cocktail of wattleseed tea, French vermouth, and mandarin skin soda, but you’ll get to pair it with an awesome share plate menu filled with beef croquettes, flatbread or veal tartare. But if you’re like us, you’ll probably get the lot.

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso, Hotel Bondi

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