20 Healthy Meals To Make Up For The Festive Season

By Florence Tan
11th Jan 2016

healthy cafes sydney

Okay, you really went to town this festive season. But, it’s alright… we all did. However, with a couple more months of warm days ahead, a healthy meal or too wouldn’t hurt the ego. 

With the start of a new year, it’s the perfect time to get really commit to those health goals. But we’re in luck because thanks to some awesome cafes in Sydney, eating healthy doesn’t mean flavourless. Here are the 20 healthy meals that’ll help kick start your new year.

  1. With virtually every superfood under the sun, the ‘Get Alkalised’ salad plate from Henley’s Wholefoods will have you energised in no time.
  2. The zucchini brekkie bowl at Bondi Harvest with kale, chimichurri, poached eggs, haloumi all atop a cherry tomato salad is the complete opposite of that bowl of brandy custard you devoured on Christmas. 
  3. The Thai beef salad from Banana Blossom has that whole spicy, sweet and tangy thing going on and we love it. 
  4. Forgo the temptation of eating another mince pie and instead stick your fork into a slice of raw peach and raspberry ripple cheezecake from Earth To Table. It’s the perfect guilt-free sweet treat.
  5. The Atlantic salmon and rocket salad from Nourished is the perfect dish to go with those Avalon surrounds.
  6. For a bowl full of protein-goodness, you can’t go past The Arnold from Thrive. Topped off with pulled beef, sweet potato bake and two eggs, you’ll be lifting in no time. 
  7. With salads that change daily, you can keep coming back to the delicious vegan salads at Venus Wholefoods
  8. Wellness mecca, Egg of the Universe does wholefoods like no other and the perfect circle salad is the perfect example of that. 
  9. Not only is the Orchard Street Café and Elixir Bar quintessential Bondi, but with their raw meals it’s also a fast-track to getting rid of those extra festive season pounds.   
  10. It isn’t quite summer unless there’s fruit involved and the five fruit bowl from Porch and Parlour brings all the sweetness of sunshine. 
  11. The avo and mushroom benny from Sadhana Kitchen in Enmore is nothing short of epic.
  12. The Japanese have such a long life-span for a reason. A plate of sashimi from Raw Bar in Bondi will have you satisfied sans any nasties. 
  13. Now I’m not one for ordering fruit salads when out, but the seasonal fruit salad with coconut yoghurt at The Butcher’s Block changed my tune.
  14. Not only is this one pretty as a picture, but the coconut chia pot from Speedo’s Café is mighty delicious as well.
  15. Combining the Vanilla Sky Mylk with a whole lot of berry action, the muscle beach smoothie from Cali Press will ward off those hunger pangs.
  16. Digging in to the vegetarian brown rice risotto from Bloom in Mosman will have you achieving your 2016 resolutions without feeling like you’re missing out.
  17. For a little bit a spice and everything nice, order up the turmeric Israeli couscous and chicken from Grandma’s in Alexandria.
  18. The Goi Ca (grilled fish with turmeric and dill salad) from So 9 proves that healthy doesn’t mean tasteless.
  19. Eating clean doesn’t mean you have to walk around all day with a grumbling stomach and the Ramzey’s salad at The Potting Shed proves just that.
  20. The coconut and berry buckwheat pancakes from COOH in Alexandria is the perfect way to start any morning.

And now for dessert. Check out these paleo sweets that won't make you feel guilty bite after bite.

Image Credit: Jackielyn Powell at The Potting Shed

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