21 Things You Could Afford If You Didn’t Buy Smashed Avo

By Phoebe McRae
21st Oct 2016

21 Things You Could Afford If You Didn't Buy Smashed Avo

Because sometimes, just sometimes, good ol’ cereal does the job.

  1. A house. Obvs.
  2. Maybe a car. Or a scooter. Or a bike.
  3. A full tank of petrol.
  4. Ok, public transport (but seriously, have you been on a bus/train/boat recently?!).
  5. Flights to Bali.
  6. Accommodation in Bali.
  7. A personal trainer for your #balibody
  8. Activewear for your personal training, for your #balibody, for your trip to Bali.
  9. A mermaid tail, because why the hell not, you’re going to Bali!
  10. A pre-Bali spray tan.
  11. A pedicure (these get more expensive by the week, we swear).
  12. An overpriced kaftan.
  13. Dry cleaning for your overpriced kaftan.
  14. A dentist appointment because you’re never fully dressed without a smile.
  15. A legit Netflix subscription, for all of the movies.
  16. Tickets to the actual movies. Maybe even Gold Class. And popcorn (if you have any change).
  17. Tickets to Bieber. All of the shows (duh).
  18. A night at the hotel Bieber is staying (in every city).
  19. The best of the best Bieber merchandise. Don’t judge, we’re big bielbers, ok!
  20. An espresso martini.
  21. Half a dozen oysters. Who are we kidding, buy the whole dozen.

Meanwhile did you know a mini food festival is happening in Sydney?

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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