22 Things That Happen When It’s Humid In Sydney

By Ange Law
9th Feb 2017

humid in Sydney

Summer in Sydney needs to chill out. And we mean literally. This start of 2017 has been one of the hottest on record, with no end in sight. So with the mercury hitting hellish heights, and 84% humidity becoming way of life in Sydney, we thought it was time we shared a sweaty group hug.

Here are 22 things that are guaranteed to happen when it’s humid in Sydney. 

  1. You’ve woken up in a pool of your own sweat and thought to yourself “yep, this is my life now. This is how it ends”.
  2. You’ve wondered what is the socially acceptable level of nudity is. No pants (too far), no bra (that’s a given), swimmers only (totally fine, depending on your proximity to the beach). 
  3. Your bathroom has become a dumping ground for every single frizz tamer ever invented by man.
  4. So you leave the house with straight hair, but arrive at the train station with a head of frizz.
  5. That work hair straightener is getting a real workout.
  6. So is your cheeky desk drawer deodorant. 
  7. You’ve put off washing your hair for over a week because you can’t face firing up your hair dryer afterwards. 
  8. And even if you brave the hair dryer, you basically have to turn right around and hop back in the shower #sweatlyfe.
  9. The same goes for any sort of fake tan.
  10. Let’s be honest, personal grooming largely takes a back seat, this is a matter of survival people. 
  11. You accidentally wore a grey t-shirt to work and regret everything.
  12. You also forgot to bring a hair tie and the sweaty neck feels are real right now.
  13. Shout out to all of the school kids braving it on the quad in their heavy school uniforms.
  14. Your thighs are just moist now.
  15. Forget cooking, you’re going out to eat. There’s no A/C (because life is a cruel joke) and you’re scared to move from your seat because you’ve sweated all over it. 
  16. When you do finally move you rip off a casual three layers of skin because you’re stuck to the chair.
  17. Top. Lip. Sweat.
  18. Is it too much to ask that your Uber driver have a mini freezer with icy-poles? A girl can dream.
  19. You head to your local Westfield for their A/C—but so does the rest of Sydney.
  20. Bonus points if you spring for a trip to the movies for the ultimate chill sesh.
  21. You and your roommates erect an inflatable pool—for obvious reasons—but quickly discover that the water gets real dirty, REAL fast.
  22. Let’s be honest—it’s far easier to just head to your parent’s house for the night and take advantage of their A/C.

In case your hair is suffering in the humidity too, check this out

Image credit: J Danielle Wehunt via Stocksy

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