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25 Ideas For Your Next BFF Date

By Martha Brooke
7th Dec 2016

25 Ideas For Your Next BFF Date

Sometimes, slobbing around with your BFF, trawling through Instagram for hours on end and not saying a word to one another is an ideal date!  But at other times, you both find yourself wanting to actually seize the day— and your time together.

Instead of relying on the tried and true ‘coffee and catch up’,why not do something different to truly celebrate your friendship— because who else can you be truly and uttlerly yourself with? 

If you’re looking for some best friend bonding, look no further, we gottcha! These are the best things to do with your BFF in Sydney.

  1. Have a pizza party— hats optional, carb coma compulsory.
  2. Ugly cry together. Stick on Marley & Me, sit in your jimmies and enjoy the fact that you are both as comfortable as ever with snotty noses and running mascara.
  3. Even better, build a fort to watch tear-jerking films in. Think blankets, cushions and a whole lotta Pinterest inspo.
  4. Make your own ‘grown up’ popsicles. FYI, gin, cucumber and tonic works a treat!
  5. Decide to apply for next season of the The X Factor Australia as you both wail away at Karaoke.
  6. Be brave and visit a nudist beach. Are they really your BFF if they haven’t seen your girly bits?
  7. Don your fancy pants and book in for high tea. Just keep the sex chat to a minimum, darling.
  8. Play those old throwback tunes and create your own synchronised dance routine. The more Britney circa 2001, the better.
  9. Have a Disney movie marathon—your boyfriend’s idea of hell, your BFF’s idea of heaven.
  10. Take up a new sport—rollerblading? Because there’s nothing funnier than watching your BFF stack it… numerous times.
  11. Or how about a twerk class? Put that junk in the trunk to good use, girlfriend!
  12. Squeeze each others’ hands as you both get matching piercings.
  13. Or matching tattoo’s. Nothing says BFF like identical love hearts on your ankles. #basic
  14. Go thrift shopping. Give yourselves a budget and see what bargains you can both find!
  15. Take up crocheting. Super trendy and friends that sew together, stay together.
  16. Or try your hand at a pottery class. Guaranteed laughs and an ‘avant garde' souvenir to take home.
  17. Finally decide to create your own ‘personal brand’ on Insta. Colour theme, candid photos and BFF support are a must.
  18. Have a paint-and-wine afternoon. Drink away as you paint each other’s portraits. Your drunken mess can easily be described as ‘abstract’.
  19. Take a well-overdue day trip. Check out this list for some inspo.
  20. Create your own ‘unique’ cocktails. Baileys and L&P is delicious, right?
  21. Chill out at one of Sydney’s best hidden beaches. No one can hear your Tinder goss over the crashing waves.
  22. Challenge your bestie to a pinball game battle at The Henson. No more Mr. nice guy!
  23. Hire bikes at Centennial Park. Because everyone knows the glue to all BFF relationships is the public-shame of being super, super uncoordinated.
  24. Make your own freakshakes at home. Whipped cream moustache? Who cares, no one can see you.
  25. Eat all the food. Now this is what you and your BFF do best.

Image Credit: Gossip Girl

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