25 Thoughts Anyone Who Wears Glasses Has Had

By Phoebe McRae
25th May 2017

While it may look easy enough, if you're visually challenged, you'll know that wearing glasses is no mean feat. While they do bring an air of intelligence and the fun of choosing another accessory, they're not without their challenges.

We know how it feels, and the guys at OPSM definitely know how it feels. With this in mind, we’ve teamed up with them to bring you 25 thoughts anyone with glasses has had at some point. 

It’s not just you. And those who don’t wear glasses will just never understand. Fact.

  1. Where are they?
  2. I wonder what's it's like to get up in the morning and just do life without finding/cleaning/putting on glasses.
  3. At least I always look smart.
  4. And stylish.
  5. And own a pair of Pradas.
  6. Where are they?
  7. I guess I’ll just have to wear my prescription sunglasses to the movies.
  8. Wait, where are my sunnies?
  9. Front row life ain't bad.
  10. Oh god, please tell me this isn’t a 3D session.
  11. Is someone waving at me? Do I know this person?
  12. Great, now they think I’m rude.
  13. Who needs jewellery when you have allll of the frames!?
  14. Yes, I really am wearing sunglasses over my glasses.
  15. I legit can’t see because it’s raining.
  16. Now my glasses are fogging up because I’m drinking tea.
  17. At least they cover up my hangover.
  18. To-laser or not-to-laser.
  19. Why is everything so blurry? Ahh! I’m going bliiiiind! Oh, wait; it’s a smudge of Vegemite.
  20. Where are they?
  21. Why are they always dirty?
  22. I'm on trend right now and I'm not even trying.
  23. Contacts are haaard.
  24. Cooking is a nightmare.
  25. No, you cannot try on my glasses and yes, I know I am blind.

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