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3 Ways To Style Your Hair With A Hair Straightener

By Brooke Harrison
4th Aug 2016

The best beauty tips on how to style your hair with a hair straightener

Thank god for the invention of hair straighteners. If you were born pre-90s, to get bangin’ bangs meant hunching over your mum’s ironing board with a hot clothing iron. Apparently only a few forehead burns were totally worth the ‘I woke up like dis’ faux straight hair look. 

Hello, future technology. 

Flat irons and hair straighteners have become a bathroom staple for girls (and guys) around the globe. The one problem?  Although your mum’s clothing iron might not require much technique, flattening tongs do (or at least double jointed wrists) if you want to achieve the perfect wave or that flawless straight hair.

And, if you’ve been scarred by that damned damned kink (we all know the one) from getting a little too cocky and attempting to—gasp—do anything other than straighten your hair with a hair straightener, you’re not the only one. As queen of the kink o’here, I decided to get some tips on upping my flat iron game. So long top knot, you’ve served me well.

Thanks to Alana Dunphy of Prema and the trusty Cloud Nine straightener, my faith is restored in my ability to get the hair I want, whether it be straight, waved or curled, I’m saying goodbye to hair ties and hello to to the ‘down-do’. This is how to style your hair (like a pro) with a hair straightener. 


Yes, yes, we know you want to tone down those lumps and bumps, but flat-as-a-tack locks look good on no one. Here’s the secret to maintaining some volume when straightening.  

  1. After washing hair, blow-dry the hair over the forehead to achieve natural volume through the front. 
  2. Use a round, soft brush to enhance the volume when getting right into the roots ensuring the hair is completely dry before applying the hot iron. 
  3. Use the Cloud Nine original iron for mid to longer length hair on the appropriate temperature for your hair type (there are seven settings to choose from, the finer your hair, the lower the temperature). 
  4. Use crocodile hair clips to part the hair in pieces ensuring each section is flattened and to avoid any stray waves. 
  5. Starting from the under layers and work your way to the top layers, use the iron in an upward movement, before sliding the iron all the way down to the ends. 
  6. Once all of the hair has been straightened, only use a comb to smooth over so as to avoid brushing out the volume. 
  7. Spray a light mist of styling lacquer to hold in place. 



I’ll admit, I’ve tried (and failed) to get Gigi Hadid waves too many times to count. 

Thanks to this little bit of insider knowledge, I can now get beach-babe waves without coming out frazzled (or hating my parents for giving me lack-lustre hair genes… sorry mum). 

  1. Make sure your Cloud Nine Original Iron is set on the right temperature for your hair type. 
  2. Taking the tongs closest to the roots and in a vertical action, make a little half twist/ curl in one direction. 
  3. Place the tongs where the bend of the first half twist is and twist in the opposite direction. 
  4. Do this continuously until you reach the final inch or so of the hair length, leaving this part untouched. 
  5. For longer hair, there will be more turns, and for shorter hair there will be less. 
  6. If your twist resembles a curl too much, simply reverse the action as a good wave will still result. 
  7. In order to get those thicker waves, particularly around the back of the head, Alana says to grab extra hair to get the effect. 



If you have fine hair (like me) when making waves, you want them to look full and natural. Easier said than done, right? Well, it is possible and you can make that lob look fab again by using the water wave technique, with just a flick of the wrist. 

  1. Make sure your Cloud Nine Original Iron is set on the right temperature for your hair type. 
  2. Taking the tongs close to the roots, this time they need to be in a horizontal position. 
  3. Begin by curling the hair under one way, and then reverse the action it by curling the hair up in the other direction, maintaining the tongs horizontal. 
  4. Continue this action until you reach the very bottom of the hair. 
  5. Include the ends, but aim to curl these under, rather than up so you don’t get that awkward flick. 
  6. When all the hair is done, brush the waves out and spray with dry shampoo and styling lacquer for volume and stay. 

Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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