31 Warning Signs They’re Just Not That Into You

By Tennille Ziegler
22nd Sep 2016

relationship advice

So, you’re on the dating scene and you like to think that your tinder game is going strong—you’ve had a few dates here and there, some fizzers some flops. There are a few people you’d like to see again, but you’re not sure if they’re that into you? 
Well, if it isn’t all that easy to tell, we’ve got 31 warning signs that show your potential partner, is sadly a potential no more. Because said person is quite frankly, just not that into you. 

  1. They ignore your calls.
  2. They have made up three excuses not to see you in the past week.
  3. They always claim how busy they are.
  4. They say they’ll message you, but they don’t. 
  5. They bring up their ex in front of you. 
  6. Bringing up their ex results in lots of cussing and crying (in this case, run for the hills).
  7. You’ve seen them chatting to other potentials on Tinder.
  8. You don’t get any booty calls from them.
  9. Or you only get booty calls from them.
  10. They don’t ask you anything about yourself. 
  11. They talk about how much they love themselves.
  12. You never hang out before 10pm and after 9am.
  13. You haven’t met or heard of their family’s existence.
  14. You have to sneak in and out of their place.
  15. You haven’t met any of their friends.
  16. They constantly bring up how much they love their single life.
  17. There are clear signs of commitment issues.
  18. They try to make you do things their ex was into.
  19. You’re never out in public together.
  20. You’re always the one to initiate conversation.
  21. You never make plans to see each other again.
  22. You don’t hear from them in over a week.
  23. Said person tries to ‘friend zone’ you.
  24. They cancel their plans with you, and don’t try to reschedule.
  25. They claim they are trying to ‘find themselves’ right now.
  26. They give you the ‘maybe in the future, but not right now’ chat.
  27. They tell you they’re seeing someone else.
  28. Your Facebook message was read more than 24 hours ago with no response.
  29. Or they haven’t clicked into your message but were active 5 minutes ago.
  30. They claim they’re sick and you see them out with their friends on social media.
  31. You’re reading this article.

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