38 Things You’ll Remember If You Grew Up In Sydney

By Anna May
25th Aug 2016

things you remember if you grew up in sydney

Yeah yeah, we all remember that weird giraffe dude and his lack of a proper body and trying to collect enough McDonalds Monopoly tabs to win a free small Coke, but there are so damn many things to look back on from our Sydney childhoods. Especially now that our beloved IMAX is being ripped from the earth (and our hearts).

From your canteen favourites, to your school excursion woes, and your birthday party location favourites, I’ve delved deep into my Sydney-born-and-raised brain to come up with the greatest things about living this side of our glorious continent.

Here are 38 things you’ll (hopefully) remember if you grew up in Sydney.

  1. First and foremost: Wonderland. Can someone be a dear and bring The Demon back? Cheers.
  2. On that note, you may have hit Sega World a few times while it lasted.
  3. And when neither of the above was an option, you had your birthday party at Macquarie Ice Skating Rink.
  4. Going out to your local on a Thursday night and seeing pretty much everyone you’ve ever met. (Greenwood, Mega, Greengate, The Sheaf, Bangor Tavern)
  5. Then ending up at Maisy’s 24 Hour Cafe if you’re from the Lower North Shore (holaaaa).
  6. Having 9481-1111 permanently embedded in your memory, no matter how hard you try to get it out.
  7. Looking forward to The Easter Show back when it was at Moore Park and you were too young to know any better.
  8. Knowing 20 cents was more than enough to get you a few red frogs and a packet of Ovalteenies as an after school snack.
  9. Realising that the Olympic mascots Syd, Millie and Ollie meant ‘Sydney’, ‘Millennium’, and ‘Olympics’.
  10. But being more excited about getting two glorious weeks off school during the games.
  11. Making sure you were the first to reference ‘controlling the action’ when someone brought up Jamberoo Recreation Park.
  12. Going to Purple Sneakers at The Abercrombie when you turned 18 and feeling like the coolest kid in town when the photos went on Facebook the next day.
  13. Fully understanding that it will always be called Centrepoint Tower (and then singing “heart of the ciittyyyy” in your head) and not anything else.
  14. Knowing it was officially November when the Chrisco lady commandeered your TV and started telling you all about her Christmas hampers.
  15. Forgetting your P.E. uniform and dialing 1800-Reverse to get your mum on the case.
  16. Being more afraid of magpies than funnel web spiders.
  17. But also being wary of that black thing floating in your pool, if you had one.
  18. Finishing your movie at Chatswood Hoyts with time to spare, so heading to Timezone next door.
  19. Watching your parents panic when they didn’t have the correct change for the toll booth on The Harbour Bridge.
  20. Laughing at the Lube Mobile kid. Can someone find him, please?
  21. Remembering when Kyle and Jackie O were just the cool Hot30 Countdown hosts. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
  22. Knowing that Wendy, Moonie, and The Morning Crew, will always be the real stars of breakfast radio. Original Battle Of The Sexes, anyone?
  23. Sigh. Manly waterworks.
  24. Losing your shit when Supre opened at Warringah Mall and buying all of the sassy t-shirts.
  25. Keeping an eye out for any Home and Away stars if you ever found yourself at Palm Beach.
  26. Before you were old enough to hit up GoodVibes or Big Day Out, there was Rumba.
  27. Gigs at Utopia if you were a little bit of a punk kid.
  28. Gigs anywhere, really. Before the pokies came in.
  29. Tazos. All of the tazos. And now realising it was just a really clever way to sell Toobs.
  30. Catching the Hydrofoil to Manly and thinking, nay, knowing, that the future wouldn’t advance much more than this.
  31. Ripping open your Lucky Book Club catalogue and eagerly ordering the new Animorphs books.
  32. Wishing, praying, hoping that your class would be interrupted by Nick Takes Over Your School.
  33. Or your room. Whatever works.
  34. Knowing true freedom was a legal peanut butter sandwich.
  35. Being able to buy finger buns and sausage rolls from your school canteen before the health police swooped in and ruined all the fun.
  36. Not really being that bothered by a shark alarm at the beach.
  37. Tiny Teddy Factory. ‘Nuff said.
  38. And last but not least, having your mind blown by the shark docos at IMAX theatre Darling Harbour. May it rest in dusty peace.

Did we miss anything? Feel free to tell us via angry Facebook comments.

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