5 Places To Find The Best Selvedge Denim In Sydney

By Pilar Mitchell
4th Dec 2016

What the what is selvedge denim we hear you ask? Well, let us tell you. At one end of the denim spectrum, (yes, there’s a spectrum) where jeans cost $15 and if we’re being honest will probs be rubbish in a few months. At the other end, are selvedge jeans. They’re the pinnacle of quality, designed to last, and guaranteed to be all over your instafeed on the reg.

We could get technical about what constitutes selvedge denim; but we’ll spare you the details and just say this: check under the cuff. If you see two thin, parallel white lines on the outside seam, you’ve picked a winner. Selvedge jeans were made using old school techniques that are now a serious fashion trend.

In Sydney, selvedge denim isn’t hard to find if you know where to look. Women’s styles are rare, but they’re out there too. Here are 5 of the best places to find selvedge denim in Sydney.

Great Southern Denim Co


As much as the folks at Great Southern Denim Co love excellent quality denim, they also love working with brands that have small scale operations, and make clothes slowly with love. With these brands, founders handle every step of the process and you’ll find favourites like Rogue Territory and Railcar, both selvedge denim companies run out of California by cool AF husband and wife teams. 

Mr BlueWorks


Mr BlueWorks finds inspiration in World War II era military clothing and work wear from America in the 1950s. While fashion is changing all the time, vintage styles stay the same: impeccable quality, excellent fit. Like the rest of the in the know denim-lovers, these guys agree that the best denim comes from Japan.  Head here for Pherrow’s and Denime in men’s styles, as well as replica navy jumpers and air force jackets made in the UK. 

Big Trouble Store


Work wear and vintage styles can be hard to find in Sydney, which is why Big Trouble Store in Sydney’s Chinatown if a regular go-to. With threads that boast ethical production, and quality made products, Big Trouble Store carries TCB denim, a brand started in Japan by one man whose mission was to make perfect replicas of 1950s Levi’s. Let’s just say he nailed it. The shop also carries 3sixteen from New York and orSlow, a Japanese brand where denim is woven on vintage machines. 



Maple is one of those rare places where you’ll find women’s selvedge jeans, and hot tip: ladies check out the slim men’s fit for your fineselves. Fellas check out selvedge options from around the world such as Tellason and LVC by Levi’s from America, orSlow from Japan and Sugar Cane from the UK.

Deus Ex Machina


Deus Ex Machina is many things; a lifestyle brand with flagship stores around the world, a custom motorcycle shop, a retail store, and a restaurant. Inspiration for the brand came from Japanese motorcycle culture, a culture that’s obsessed with style. So maybe it’s not surprising that Deus sells EDWIN jeans, classic Japanese selvedge denim in men’s and women’s styles.

Denim obsessed? Check these out.

Image credit: Big Trouble Store

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