5 Ways To Freeze The Ageing Process

By Ange Law
13th Dec 2016

Reversing the ageing process sounds like a dream, but finding answers that actually make sense can be a bit like finding a bobby pin in the bottom of your shit-filled handbag—near impossible. We’re not asking for much, really, just the secrets to how J-Lo and Jen Aniston maintain their glow, no matter how old they get. We just wanted to know what we could do in our 20’s and 30’s to maintain our dewy youth forever. 

To answer all of your questions (let’s be real—our questions), we went straight to the top and begged the doctors over at GS Cosmetic Doctors to tell us all of their trade secrets. So, here they are (and you’re welcome).

#1 A Rock Solid Skin Care Routine 

This one is as important for the men, as it is for the ladies. Everyone (that means you) needs to be getting rid of the dirt, dead skin, sweat and oil that accumulates on the skin throughout the day. Why you ask? Let us tell you. All those gross things we mentioned are clogging your pores, and triggering the royal pains in the butt that are acne, rosacea and dermatitis. There really was no cute way to say that sentence #notsorry. Dr Daniel Chanisheff, at GS Cosmetic Doctors recommends that you wash your face twice per day with a cleanser that suits your skin, use moisturiser and sunscreen (or a magical product that combines the two) and once per week—exfoliate. Shout out to the fitness obsessed, who should wash their face a bonus time after every sweat sesh. 

#2 Slip, Slop, Slap

We know what you’re thinking—sunscreen to protect your skin? Revolutionary, but guys, please keep on reading, because it’s about to get good and it’s also super important. We hate to nag you about this one; so instead, we’ll throw some stats at you to scare you silly. A measly little 2% increase in sun exposure can age you by about THREE YEARS and when it comes to ageing in general, the sun accounts for 80% of the process. So yes, you should use SPF—for every day, SPF 30 is perfect, but if you plan on spending any time in the sun, then you should up it to SPF 50 (broad spectrum is even better). We don’t really care where you get your SPF from, but to be safe, layer up your daily moisturiser with sunscreen and an SPF-rich foundation, because nobody got time for sun spots and fine lines. 

#3 Bring Back The Dew With Aqua Shine

We’ve skipped the serums, peels and potions here and have gone straight to the money. Aqua Shine is a pretty simple concept, that basically answers all of your skin’s prayers and will take it right back to the dewy glory years of youth. Basically, your skin needs two things—moisture and a barrier to keep all of the world’s evils at bay—and while daily moisturiser will help to stop the daily loss of moisture (thanks for that, ageing), once the skin has aged and thinned, it’s pretty damn hard to plump it back up again. That’s where Aqua Shine comes in! The process involves your doctor injecting a super thin product, hyaluronic acid (a major component of the skin lost with ageing and sun exposure), directly into the places that need it. Basically, it’s the magical hydrating goo that holds together all of the cells in your skin. Aqua Shine also attracts more water, leaving you with soft and dewy skin. For best results, you’ll need three treatments (four weeks apart) and then an annual top up. 

#4 Botulinum Toxin (Botox, We Mean Botox)

When botox first came into the world, it promised to be the miracle solution to fix all of our fine line and wrinkle problems. Alas, we were left with expressionless faces that just looked a bit ridiculous and ‘done’. You know the ones. But now they’re more commonly used strategically to prevent the wrinkles from showing up in the first place and as an added bonus—you’ll still be able to show expression. Novel idea, we know. The key here is to start young, when you’re in your 20’s and 30’s to get rid of your forehead and frown lines and crows feet, before they develop into full-blown wrinkles. Yes, guys, we just gave you permission to botox, so go forth!

#5 Filler Up!

We know, fillers get a bad rap, but according to the docs at GS Cosmetic Doctors that’s because they’re often abused. We aren’t going for huge lips or cheeks (unless that’s your thing—you do you), but rather, strategically using fillers to rewind your face clock. As a bit of terrifying background info, once you start moving through your 30’s, your cheek bones start to shrink, the fat pad sitting on top of them start to droop and the bones that hold your teeth out also start to fade, causing the appearance of a thin upper lip. We know, super cute! Making sure you’re getting enough vitamin D and calcium will help, but it won’t stop the process altogether—this is where the cosmetic wizardry comes in. When done with finesse, fillers (our old mate, hyaluronic acid) can be injected strategically to literally put your face back together and give the impression of a lift, without any of the surgery. You can also fake it and add a few features that you wish you had before—like plumper lips and higher cheekbones. 

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Image credit: Yaserra Moosa

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