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50 of Sydney’s Best Cocktails

By Anna May
26th Aug 2015

Best cocktails in Sydney

No doubt you’ve seen (and potentially worked your way through) our list of 50 bars you should have been to if you live in Sydney, but are you entirely sure you’ve sampled 50 of the best damn cocktails in our fair city?

If not, it’s time to get ticking. Make it your 2015 goal to try every single one and become the master of cocktails in Sydney.

  1. First and foremost, go for the grapefruit lavender fizz (served with rubber duck for effect) from The Lobo Plantation.
  2. It’s not all smoke and mirrors with gunpowder plot from Potts Point bar The Powder Keg.
  3. The famous banana old fashioned from Gardel’s Bar is a new classic.
  4. The deliciously fresh and oaky vaquero from Palmer & Co.
  5. Lovers of spiced rum will go nuts over the buccaneer’s booty from Eau de Vie Sydney.
  6. Or perhaps you like to keep it simple with an elderflower margarita from Opera Bar.
  7. Keep it trendy with the salted caramel martini from Café Sydney.
  8. Summer is just a sip away with the delicious hello Vera from The Butler.
  9. Who doesn’t love a twist on a classic? Namely the spiced pear bellini from The Smoking Panda.
  10. Say hey to harbour views and general good times at The Junk Lounge at Cruise Bar. It’s got to be the moreish aloe geisha when you get thirsty.
  11. Get your rock and roll on at Vasco, and go for the perfectly pineappley Witchy Woman when you do.
  12. Keep it simple, effective, and damn delicious with the barrel-aged negroni from Gowings Bar & Grill.
  13. Feeling fancy? Go for Rosie’s Coco Colada from Rosie Campbell’s. It comes in a coconut!
  14. Hungry AND thirsty? The bloody hell from Bloody Mary’s will satisfy you with its slider, prawn, and chicken wing garnish.
  15. You wouldn’t expect anything other than left-of-centre cocktails from ACME. Namely the tequila and cardamom filled preserved lemon.
  16. Never ones to do things by the book, the Roosevelt have killed it with the Roosevelt re-fashioned, with Chivas, honeycomb, and an apricot orange ice sphere.
  17. Even more fanciness from Zeta Bar in the form of Smoke and Mirrors #2 from Zeta Bar. We won’t spoil the fun, but it’s garnished with a poached pear and served in a smoking cloche.
  18. Another fantastic twist on a classic from the guys at Bowery Lane. Go for the salted maple old fashioned and thank us later.
  19. Who doesn’t love a bit of fire in their cocktails? Go for the signature blazer at Luyu & YumYum.
  20. The gin and grapefruity Virginia venette from Wild Rover promises to take you to your happy place.
  21. Keep it trendy with the deliciously spicy Chai Hard from Grandma’s.
  22. Think you’ve seen it all? Try Eddie’s BBQ Margarita at Neighbourhood and think again.
  23. Fruity and moreish, the kiwi-infused Fidel’s Mojito at Miami Cuba is the smart choice at this Manly bar.
  24. The Rye & Gosling from BLACK by ezard. ‘Nuff said.
  25. Get the best of both worlds with Stitch Bar’s boilermaker. It’s an old fashioned with a beer palate cleanser. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it.
  26. Like fire? The rum and plum blazer at Kagura comes flaming with cinnamon and orange peel. Served hot and steamy for your pleasure.
  27. Like the classics more? The pina colada at Cliff Dive comes served in your own personal pineapple. Get in quick!
  28. The wine spritzers from This Must Be the Place will rock your world. We promise.
  29. The cocktails at Sydney bar Bulletin Place change nightly, but every single one of them is worthy of your attention.
  30. CBD small bar Grasshopper’s #112 cocktail is a fresh take on the classic caprioska.
  31. Cross Street cover girl at The Stillery is the perfect gin-filled way to start your night.
  32. Have you met Bondi Bar Mr Moustache? Make sure you grab Mary Jane’s last dance, a perfect blend of tequila and cucumber.
  33. China Doll’s fig and ginger old fashioned is the perfect waterside cocktail.
  34. The Rook’s thorny rose will give you your gin, rose and Campari fix in one delicious glass.
  35. The Hazy Rose do a cracking clover club that will remind you why it’s your fave.
  36. SoCal’s salted caramel espresso martini with honeycomb garnish is acceptable to down at any time.
  37. Coogee Pavilion’s black cherry sour is the perfect drink for a good chinwag.
  38. The frozen margaritas at Frankie’s Pizza will make you fall in love with the place all over again.
  39. The East Indies negroni from The Hold has a delicious chestnutty twist we can’t get enough of.
  40. Miss Peaches rock our worlds with every sip their peanut butter and jelly sour.
  41. The Hayberry won us over with their chicken wings, but we’ll always stay for a Georgia peach with bourbon and peach puree.
  42. Gazebo’s classic giggly rose will never not be on our cocktail lists. Fact.
  43. Blu Bar on 36 do the classic martini better than anyone.
  44. Another fabulous bloody Mary from Raven’s Eye. This one is infused with master stock and smoked garlic salt.
  45. Ms G’s famous yuzu slushy is the highlight of every visit to this Potts Point restaurant.
  46. Hinky Dinks’ zombie is one of the best in the biz. Just two per night, though, you rager you.
  47. The Midori vice at Mojo Record Bar is the nostalgic answer to all of your thirst-related problems.
  48. Surry Hills bar Tokyo Bird gets us all excited about their smoked hunter, with Nikka from the barrel, cherry, and smoke.
  49. Small Bar Kirribilli’s Esmeralda is a party starter, with vodka, muscat grape liqueur, citrus, and grapefruit bitters. Yummm.
  50. Beachside drinking is at its finest with the lotus martini from The Avalon on the Beach.

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Image credit: Jackie Lyn Powell at Luyu and Yum Yum

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