50 Of The Best Fried Dishes In Sydney

By Anna May
27th May 2015

Pub Life Kitchen

Image credit: Pub Life Kitchen

There really isn’t anything more satisfying than hearing that earth-shattering crunch when you bite into a piping hot serve of fried goodness. Whether you’re frantic for fries, psycho for schnitties or you just can’t avoid the spherical joy that is deep fried ice cream, we have your cheat day sorted. 

So, without further adieu, here are the 50 best damn fried dishes in Sydney. BYO defibrillator. 

  1. Let’s start big with the crunchy, saucy lasagne burger from Bertoni Casalinga.
  2. Moving on to the crispy-fried pickles from Cheekyburger, go all out and dip it in your thickshake.
  3. Let’s stop to acknowledge Mary’s fried chicken and everything it has done for our hangovers.
  4. Who could forget the ever-comforting pan-fried pork dumplings at Sea Bay?
  5. How could we not mention the soul-gratifying goats cheese churros with truffle honey from the kings of small plates at Nomad?
  6. We can never say no to the fried green tomatoes with Louisiana remoulade at Miss Peaches.
  7. Get all sweaty with a basket of Sydney’s best buffalo wings from The Hayberry.
  8. Go all out with the carne asada fries, loaded with meat, cheese and guac, from Chica Bonita.
  9. Gravy and cheese make everything better, case in point: The Stuffed Beaver’s classic poutine.
  10. Mix it up with a deep fried Mars Bar from Crown Street Fish Shop.
  11. Start the day with the crispy rolled egg from Harry’s Bondi.
  12. Be brave and tackle the chapulines (deep fried crickets) at El Topo.
  13. Don your eating pants and order the fried chicken skin from Chiki Chiki Sakaba and don’t bother feeling guilty.
  14. Sink your teeth into some molten arancini from Vacanza In The Hills.
  15. Try not to burn your tongue on the prosciutto and blue cheese croquettes from Small Bar & Kitchen Kirribilli.
  16. Get all emotional over the TLC burger with fried buttermilk chicken from Pub Life Kitchen.
  17. Thank the food gods for a serving of popcorn shrimp from Sake.
  18. Go big or go home, with a meal the size of your head from Hot Star Large Fried Chicken.
  19. Rock out with the salt cod croquettes from Pei Modern.
  20. Get all hot and cold on the deep fried ice cream from Holy Basil.
  21. Don’t knock the cheeseburger spring roll at Ms G’s until you try it.
  22. Give the zeppoline (fried seasoned pizza dough) at Napoli Nel Cuore a go.
  23. Be not afraid of the heavenly chilli salted squid from Red Lantern on Riley.
  24. Get all messy with some fried oysters (served with Hartsyard hot sauce) from The Gretz.
  25. Let Una’s win you over with their deep fried camembert.
  26. Fall in love with The Apollo’s fried king prawns all over again.
  27. Grab a scotch egg from The Lord Dudley Hotel and watch the yolk ooze out before annihilating the whole thing in one bite.
  28. Say ‘yes please’ to the absurdly crunchy fries with horseradish aioli from The Butler.
  29. Power though two of Cho Cho San’s miso eggplant and try to tell us it wasn’t amazing.
  30. Punish a serve of raspberry kiss doughnut holes from The Morrison.
  31. Get your convict on with the uber-crunchy fish and chips from The Chip Off The Old Block.
  32. Get your hands on a soft shell crab roll from Johnny Lobster, with a basket of thrice-cooked, hand cut chips for good measure.
  33. Try to resist the zucchini fries with aioli from Firefly.
  34. There is no end to how many morsels of massaman curry crumbed lamb popcorn we could devour at LL Wine & Dine.
  35. We’ll take a big serving of deep fried fish with cold noodles from New Shanghai.
  36. We get excited at the mere mention of the snow cheese chicken at The Sparrow’s Mill
  37. Channel your inner Irishman and get stuck into a plate of chips with curry sauce from The Traditional Chip Shop.
  38. And don’t even get us started on the sweet potato dulce de leche from Chicken Institute.
  39. Give us the cornflake-crusted French toast from Indigo and don’t ask questions.
  40. We’ll take an enormous bowl of the fried rice with lip cheong sausage and prawn from China Diner, thanks.
  41. And don’t you dare forget about the mozzarella sticks from The Dove & Olive.
  42. We will never say no to a box of crispy pork nacho fries from Mr Crackles, especially when there’s a side of ranch dressing involved.
  43.  Get excited, because The Oxford Tavern’s eggplant schnitzel is a crunchy dream.
  44. Fall in love with Jasmin1 Leichhardt’s crunchy kibbeh all over again.
  45. Don’t forget about loukamades, the unbelievable Greek doughnuts from Alpha.
  46. Mark a special occasion with the wok fried salt and pepper mud crab from The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay.
  47. Get your polenta chip fix, with mandatory gorgonzola dipping sauce, from the delicious Bloodwood.
  48. Don’t try to resist the Pepe Saya buttermilk fried chicken from Fat Rupert’s.
  49. Get a banging serve of sweet potato fries from The Bucket List.
  50. Finally, get elbow deep in The Oaks’ beer battered potato scallops, and drench them in sea salt and vinegar.

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