6 Hidden Spots To Check Out This Weekend

By Jessica Best
9th Jun 2017

hidden spots sydney

A new weekend means it’s time to try (and by try we mean eat, obvs) something new. So ditch your standard bottomless brunch, or Sunday sesh staple—you know the one that you’ve been to so many times your backside is practically carved in the chair—Sydney’s best hidden spots are where it’s at this weekend... 

It’s time to gather your eating and drinking crew because we’re about to make you friend of the year with a list that’s anything but your average main-street-walk-through-the-front-door type of place.

Here are 6 hidden spots to check out this weekend!

Kenny Rens


If you’re a massive kidult like us and hide n’ seek is still very much a viable way to pass the time you’ll love the hunt for lil’ Kenny Rens. He’s super cute and super hidden so expect to find this one behind a door at the front of a poke shop—because if things were easy they wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun, obviously. Inside Kenny is plating up some different feels and take it from us; a sashimi-induced food coma is not impossible people! This sashimi bar and robata grill also churns out an impressive whiskey and sake offering, now you know why you need the crew for back up.

Chester White


Because one does not simply dine on cured meat, cheese and wine in your run-of-the-mill eatery, no. One heads down an unassuming lane in Darlinghurst, for some tasty Italian vibes. On the down low (not really), it’s by the same epic team that brought us Buffalo Dining Club (collective gasp) so you know it’s going to be great. And yes, you should definitely jump on board the deconstructed carbonara. Do you even have to ask? Didn’t think so.

Howard's Cantina 


This one calls for a spot of climbing. The top floor of the Rose of Australia Hotel has had a pretty fancy makeover and we mean the type that boasts a retro fit-out and a helluva lot of bric-a-brac decor. We’re talking neon signs, picnic tables (with one insane picnic menu to match), striped seating and an entire wall of Mother Nature. The new cocktail situation means things like Grand Marnier-soaked wood chips flamed over smoking negroni also make the old casual make an appearance.

The Commons


Once you’ve ticked off climbing down all the stairs, you’ll definitely be due for some sub-street fun. Meet The Commons. Well, more officially, meet The Commons Downtown Bar. This classic bar is located in the 165-year-old larder (underneath the dining room) and has a line-up of golden age live music and “forgotten beverages”, which basically means Vermouth and jazz go hand-in-hand here. Also—mulled wine. 

Chaco Bar


You’ll definitely score the smell of this place before you lay your eyes on it. Dimly lit and only seating 25 people, Chaco Bar is the hole-in-the-wall Yakitori-inspired godsend perfect for when you’re dying to sink your teeth into grilled perfection. And you can’t really go wrong with skewered chicken, lamb or beef, but there's always a chance to step it up a notch and be extra gutsy—gizzard skin and heart pipe are all on the menu too. You'll also find sweet plum wines, sake, schochu and beer to wash it all down with.



No one regrets descending the flight of stairs lined with 4000 mini liquor bottles into what is known as Huberts. No one. Because when you live in Sydney, it’s always time for a Margarita in a low-ceiling speakeasy with no windows, two bars, a dining room, old-school theatre (yes, you read that correctly) and a grand piano.

If you still can't get enough cockails, have a read of this to get warm for winter!

Image credit: Caitlin Hicks

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