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6 New Bondi Places To Hang At This Weekend

By Mollie Maloney. - 13 Jan 2017

Hotel Bondi Sydney

Bondi certainly isn’t just a tourist infested, bronzed, backpacker den anymore. In 2017 Bondi has now well and truly earned its foodie stripes. From the newly renovated to a dedicated toast bar (yes we’re serious), Bondi is our go-to for a dip and a damn tasty feed—let’s not forget those cocktails now either.

So with the sun out and the sand beckoning we’ve got your drinks, breakfast, lunch, dinner and well, every meal in between, 100% covered. Toast the Sydney summer in the best way possible, one meal at a time, with six of the best that Bondi’s got to offer. 

Hotel Bondi


Calling one and all—Hotel Bondi has been renovated, and in additional to the swanky new beach fit out, they’ve also nailed a fresh new bistro and cocktail menu. With seafood salads galore, as well as Bondi classics, we can’t go past their weekday special, $15 for the steak, parmi or fish (bargain) all washed down with a Curlewis Pimms jug (or five). Or if you’ve missed your chance at a Friday feed make sure you beeline it on Sunday for Summer Sundaze, best described as live music and $8 Frosé. Winner.

Hotel Ravesis


On the list of iconic Bondi staples, Ravesis has to be pretty much at the top of all tops. To make matters more exciting, they’ve just had a facelift, and are totally bikini ready for all your summer hangs. Art deco stylings host a new seasonal menu, where Catalina Head Chef Peter Strechfuss has traded the Rose Bay water for the beached as lifestyle. We’ve heard the naughtiest of reviews about the chicken burger, as well as the toasted mango lemon ice cream sandwich. This week’s cocktail is the IYC Pop—a white peach and Lychee bellini, and it has your name on it.

Mr Topper’s Toast Bar


It is so hard to write about the love we are feeling towards Mr. Topper’s right now. It is just oozing out of us. Think about any possible breakfast craving you have, multiple it by 12 and smear hundreds and thousands ALL over it, this is our breakfast bar of choice. Such a simple yet brilliant concept: take a piece of toast, and make it delicious, 9 times in a row. The standard is avocado, goats cheese and chili, which expands into 9 other menu options of smoked salmon and crème fraiche, crispy bacon and sweet tomato chutney, mushroom and hummus or strawberries and clotted cream. Breakfast really is the best meal of (any time of) the day.

Mr. Perkins


A true testament to Sydney’s diverse food loving scene, Mr. Perkins specializes in soup, and sweet and savoury porridges. We know what you’re thinking, soup and the beach don’t really match. Well we’re here to tell you that you are wrong my friend. Chilled soups made from seasonal produce are the most moorish, the most refreshing after-surf treat. They also make a mean made-to-order pasta, with a ‘cooked slow, served fast’ attitude that will leave you wanting more, more, more! 



Battle the Saturday ques out the door because Fishbowl is well and truly worth it. Pokè, the Hawaiian-style sushi, has come to Bondi and it looks like everything is going to finally be pOKè (yes, we had to go there). You choose your base (vermicelli, coriander and carrot, or the standard sushi rice), add either tuna or salmon sashimi, followed by the toppings, ranging from edamame or wakame salads to radishes or coconut, and then polish it off with the most interesting sounding of sauces (miso tahini all the way.) You may have seen these bowls on Instagram, they are photographable AF and perfect for your next beach picnic.



What is a Bondi list without a Bondi burger joint? Not a Bondi list, obvi. The Lost Valentino and the Just a Jezebel are but a taste of the finger-licking good burgers on offer at this Bondi locale. The best seller is the Trippin Zeashorse, a grass-fed beef patty with mustard aioli, cheese and a little “Ms. Piggy” bacon. With classic ‘70s music blasting constantly, the shared table space gives a real and true Bondi vibe: social, with a touch of a groove and a whole lot of deliciousness. 

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso at Hotel Bondi

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