6 Sydney Restaurants And Cafes To Visit This Weekend

By Jessica Best
26th Feb 2016

pizza in leichhardt

Here to meet all your cravings, we’ve culminated the best restaurants and cafes in Sydney to keep you satisfied this weekend.

Here’s to the staple cafes, the twisted desserts, the exotic finger-food and the never-ending glass of wine (at least for the next 48 hours). So, get started on a weekend so gastronomic, you’ll want to take Monday off.


Potts Point

The owners of Yellow, have really hit upon something good. Where else can you find the seamless fusion of contemporary food and wine against a casual backdrop of a spirited Parisian neo-bistro? Never ceasing to amaze, the canary yellow, brick-clad building now serves up a 100% vegetarian dinner menu that boasts inventive, interpretations of classic French ideas that we already know you’ll 100% love.

10 William Street


Forget everything you thought a bar was because chances are, 10 William Street, will flip that coin the minute you walk through its doors. With its extensive wine list scratched up on a sizeable blackboard, we guarantee if you’re not here all night holding an orange wine in one hand and dipping focaccia into olive oil with the other, you’ll be befriending the bartenders who love some great banter.

Fourth Village Providore


Visit a different kind of deli this weekend. Loaded with the buzzing of a classic Italian market-place, Fourth Village Providore showcases good old fashioned dry goods, pastries, hand-picked vegetables, infused oils, preserves, spices and farmhouse cheese from every floor and ceiling. Family owned, this one-of-a-kind delicatessen extends to the ultimate, gourmet experience catering for all your needs and cravings with a tasting menu, pizzeria, gelateria and yes, a walk-in cheese room. 



We’re not going to mess around—Aperitivo makes bloody good pizza. It’s authentic, fresh and best of all, tasty as hell. Housing a rustic interior, this modern-dining restaurant practices nothing less than the proper, ancient artisan traditions of the quintessential Italian pizza. Want something extra? There’s an entire wall of wines from Australia, New Zealand and the place where good food and wine all originate, Italy.

Aqua S

CBD and Macquarie Centre

Here’s a salted twist on the summer staple we grew up with. Chances are you’ve already seen these psychedelic, fairy-floss-laden soft-serves decked out with marshmallows, popcorn and other confectionaries spilling out on your Instagram feed #aquasau. And by god, they are beautiful. Cone or cup, they rightfully deserve every post. Their famous, vibrant blue swirl, sea-salt, is a permanent fixture, with two other available flavours slipping on and off the menu every fortnight. Almost too pretty to devour… we said almost. You can find them at Macquarie Centre and in the CBD.

Chaco Bar


Grab your skewers, it’s yakitori time at Chaco Bar. If you love the sweet and smoky scent of meat grilling over charcoal, then you’re going to love this little, bustling restaurant in Darlinghurst. An incarnation of grungy, dimly lit outlets found in backstreets and laneways of Japan, its communal tables are laden with easy eats; steamed buns stuffed with juicy pork big enough to wrap both hands around and sizzling gyoza. The menu has your usual chicken wings and pork belly to more adventurous cuts of meat including grilled chicken hearts, tails and heart pipes.

Image credit: Alex Squadrito at Aperitivo

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