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7 Hair Mistakes All Women Are Making

By Ange Law
4th Nov 2016

We’ll put it out there. Some of these are obvious and we hope that you would do them anyway. But in case you’re feeling ambitious, desperate for a change or even a little bit shy at the hairdresser, we decided it was time to let you know exactly what you’re doing wrong when it comes to your hair and most importantly, how to stop.

Since we definitely don’t know everything when it comes to hair, we enlisted the help of Jana Pana from Marli Rose Hairdressing, because she’s seen it all and has a hot tip for every mistake you’re making. She also lets us in on her not-so-secret-weapon – hair taping, which we decided to try out and film for you guys.

#1 Getting The Right Haircut For Your Face Shape 

We’ve all been there right? You walk in to the salon KNOWING that you could totally rock a full fringe, only to walk out far surer that you had been delusional in the week leading up to your appointment. Now, don’t get us wrong ¬– some people can totally rock a fringe, but that is where face shape comes in to play. Have a chat with your hairdresser (they are the experts after all) about what cut suits you best, because growing out terrible bangs is a struggle that no woman should have to endure.

#2 Bad hair extensions

We’ve all seen Geordie Shore (only every single episode ever) so we’re pretty familiar with terrible hair extensions at this point, right? Well, something truly revolutionary has recently come to our attention – hair extensions can actually look really good. In fact, they can even be used to add volume to fine haired ladies, rather than actually extending the hair as the name suggests. Our friend Amanda Henwood, from Marli Rose says the secret is in the quality of the hair and also in the length. But her biggest secret? Try hair taping. It sits flush with the scalp, so it doesn’t add bulk up top and is well hidden in a ponytail and will give you volume that you only thought was possible for people with the name Kardashian.
Don’t believe us? Check out the video below and prepare to have your mind (or hair) blown.




#3 Less Is More When It Comes To An Up Do

When attempting an up do at home, less is more. Take it from someone who decided it was a great idea to do her own hair for her graduation ball and ended up resorting to a basic, kind-of-up hair situation when it all went terribly wrong. Next time you’re at the salon, get your stylist to talk you through a simple style that you can keep in your back pocket. But if all else fails, YouTube is your best friend.

#4 Speak Up 

How can you expect your hairdresser to give you the hair that you really want, if you don’t actually tell them what you want? Tell them what you love right from the get go and most importantly, tell them what you don’t love. We know it can be scary to crush the poor stylist’s dreams of chopping all of your hard-earned hair off, but the momentary awkwardness far outweighs the years of growing out an awkward bob, am I right?

#5 Find The Right Hair Trend For You (And Forget About The Others)

While we are on the topic of telling your hairdresser what you want, what you don’t and actually listening to their recommendations (we know, it’s a fine line), how about we also avoid jumping every hair bandwagon? Let’s face it, not everyone can rock a pixie cut, grey hair, bronde hair or super long hair. You know it’s true. Pick one, chat to your hairdresser and make sure it’ll look fab on you and then try to tune out the rest for a little while. 

#6 As The Seasons Change, So Should Your Products 

With changing weather, our hair can have a little freak out and one way to combat the new hair situation is to change up your products too. Jana Pana, from Marli Rose recommends that in summer, you use lighter products that won’t weigh your hair down. For beach days, r+co ROCKAWAY salt spray will help you control your frizz and bring out the natural texture of your hair, but for every day, go for the r+co DALLAS texturising spray. In the winter, when your hair starts to dry out, go for something with a little bit more moisture and shine. For everyday use, anything from the Wella SP Hydrate range will work wonders.

#7 Put Down The Home Dye Kits!

Unless you’ve been nailing your home colour for years, you should definitely proceed with caution here. There is a reason that hairdressers go through years of training and that is mainly because you (yes, you) never really know how the box of colour is going to react with your own colour. Everyone has a different base colour and your hairdresser has seen them all. They’ve also seen many the at home balayage gone wrong, so save yourself some heart ache and go to the professional the first time. 

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso at Marli Rose Hairdressing

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