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7 Things We Wish A Billionaire Would Bring To Sydney

By Catherine Blake
25th Nov 2015

shake shack

Exciting news broke earlier this week that a Disneyland on the Gold Coast might one day be a thing. While the possibility of a looming mouse invasion has rekindled our hopes of a bona fide Brisneyland, but we can’t help thinking that the money could be invested more prudently.

The average cost of setting up a monolithic theme park is well up in the hundred millions, or one month’s salary if you’re a billionaire. Just imagine what the charitable whimsy of a kindhearted billionaire could bring us…

J. Crew

We need a J. Crew. I’m not going to waste too much time enumerating the innumerable benefits of having a J. Crew store in Sydney because I feel like it’s the fairly accepted opinion of the populace that we should just have one.


This might seem like just another department store to throw some punches in the David Jones/Myer skirmish, but Selfridges will raise you Anya Hindmarch and a Gucci collaboration worth losing the tax free benefits of ordering from the UK.  

A Percy Pig Concept Store

Fact: there is nowhere in Australia that sells Percy Pigs by the metric tonne. Rather than build a monolithic testament to animated films why not redirect the funds into a happiness palace of all the Percy Pig confectionary our greedy jowls could ever need.

The London Eye

HA! Just kidding, the Luna Park Ferris wheel totally beats the London Eye.

Urban Outfitters

I don’t know about you but when it comes to slightly bohemian home furnishings IKEA isn’t much of a mustard cutter. It’s time to crank the quirk up full and invest in some transcendent wall hangings and fairy lights, enter Urban Outfitters and the faux-indie, bohemian-esque lamp department. Saves us the effort of actually becoming bohemians.

Whole Foods

‘But we already have supermarkets and food courts and delicatessens’ ALL UNDER ONE ROOF THOUGH? This town is being positively starved of the majesty of the cornucopic offerings of a Whole Foods food court. Furthermore, where in Sydney can you buy whole cherry pies on the reg? I’d seriously become a Mormon if I could do my mission at Whole Foods.

Shake Shack

Yeah we know Sydney already has approximately 134,567 burger joints and many of them are actually great. But seriously, there is still definitely room for the New York burger goodness that is Shake Shack and their mega thickshakes. Bring.It.On.

And in talking about things we wish would come to Sydney, here are 18 restaurants we wish would come to Sydney.

Image credit: John Joh at Shake Shack

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