8 Of The Best Healthy Winter Lunches In Sydney

By Anna May
26th May 2015

Youfoodz | Image credit: Ariana Grille

We all know how difficult it can be to resist a rich, hearty meal when winter rolls around, the call of a spag bol drowned in parmesan, or a creamy curry with a hefty serve of rice is all too much for our weak wills. Because, Listers, we never want you to settle for a dreaded cup-a-soup, or resort to microwaving lettuce. So we’ve searched high and low for some mouth-watering healthy winter lunches in Sydney, and boy did we come up with some goodies.



Remember what we said about curry being irresistible? Healthy food delivery service, Youfoodz must have heard our cries, because their delish list of winter warmers feature a tempting Thai coconut green curry with an appropriately-sized portion of brown rice so we don’t feel deprived. And that’s just the beginning; the Youfoodz menu is chock-a-block with gourmet winter dishes you’d never cook yourself, all ready to eat in two minutes!

We dare you to resist the gluten-free braised beef cheek and winter mash, pretty much guaranteed to warm you instantly. When treat time calls, the sticky date and chia seed goodness slice is the perfect, guilt-free way to cap off your day the delicious way.

Speedo's Café

North Bondi

Walking along Bondi Beach when it’s a little nippy can induce serious summer nostalgia, but the guys at Speedo's Café know how to make your stomach happy in the colder months with their healthy lunches. We love to tuck into a hearty plate of impossibly soft pulled lamb set atop a qunioa, pea and pomegranate salad. No bloat and no shivering in sight. If fish is more your game, the seared salmon fillet with brown rice, sweet potato puree and zucchini noodles is the ideal stomach-filler that doesn’t require a pair of stretchy pants.

Bread And Circus Wholefoods Canteen


You’ve got to hand it to these guys, they refuse to let things get stale and change up their menu every single day. Of course you’ve got some of Sydney’s healthiest lunches in their famous salads and daily plates (keep an eye out for the slow roasted pork shoulder), but you’ll be singing their praises after tasting the Bread and Circus soups. Variety really is the spice of life here, but past soups include the six-hour organic chicken brown rice congee, or roast oxhart, tomato and fennel.

Egg Of The Universe


We just keep coming back to this super-healthy café in Rozelle; there really isn’t anything we can say no to on the menu. For something light, the organic, slow-cooked chicken broth with shredded chicken and seasonal greens is perfectly warming and always comforting. For the vegetarians, there’s the sweet potato and buckwheat pancake with seasonal poached fruits, vanilla cashew cream and maple syrup. And we always end your Egg Of The Universe experience with their famous hot chocolate with raw cacao and rapadura, always.

O Organic Café

Surry Hills

The only issue we have when we head to healthy lunch central at O Organic Café is deciding what we actually want the most. With so many clean lunch options to choose between, you really can’t go wrong. Sometimes we simply love to keep it simple with the superfood soup, chock-full of seasonal vegetables, tomato, black beans and kale. There are also daily rotating specials, so keep an eye out for the three-grain porridge with turmeric, a guaranteed winter flu fighter.

Nourished, The Healthy Food Co.


Clean is the name of the game at thos cafe on the Northern Beaches. If you get in before 1pm, you can grab the zucchini and corn fritters, and after that the menu shifts to lunch. Do not despair, lovers of a healthy winter lunch, the Nourished toasted quinoa felafel wrap is 100 per cent vegan, 100 per cent nourishing, and 200 per cent down right delicious.

Pure Wholefoods


As much as we love a big, plastic tub of fried rice, we can pretty much feel it setting up camp on our behinds and making our jeans split at the seams after one too many bowls. Luckily, Manly café Pure Wholefoods has us sorted with their healthy nasi goreng. Chock-full of delicious veggies and topped with a fried egg, this is one winning winter lunch. Want more? Try the tofu veggie curry with Asian greens and thank us later.

John Smith Café


Lovers of all things delicious, healthy, and ‘grammable arrive at this Waterloo café in droves, and it’s not hard to understand why. We love to keep it simple with a warming winter soup, especially if we can get our mitts on the unbelievably satisfying roast pumpkin and cumin soup with coconut yoghurt. John Smith Cafe is the ideal place to warm up with a healthy lunch without the resulting bloat or 3pm cookie jar raid.

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