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8 Ways To Find Good Fortune In 2017

By Phoebe McRae
30th Jan 2017

Just like Dorothy and the yellow brick road, all you need to do to give yourself a chance at good times this year is to follow the good fortune ribbon to The Star.

Weeeeellll, kinda.

Whether you want love, wealth, kids, a house or you simply want to be able to afford avo on toast; we’ve teamed up with The Star to bring you our list of the most likely ways to find good fortune this Lunar New Year.

#1. Eat Your Weight In Fortune Cookies

The easiest way to find good fortune (literally) is obvs to eat a whole heap of fortune cookies. But since we know you’re all super into the whole new year, new me thing ATM, we suggest you head to Sokyo and crack open just one —you know, so you don’t cancel out that spin classes you almost died in. For the entire duration of Lunar New Year, you can devour a four-course menu (think seafood ceviche, grilled John Dory, soft shell crab roll AND a good fortune cookie dessert served with indulgent matcha, red bean and orange fillings) and sip on Saké at Sokyo while discovering what the future holds on a teeny tiny piece of paper.

#2. Sit Back & Spectate

Seat yourself at The Star and get set to marvel at lion dances, percussion performers and aerial entertainers all Lunar New Year long. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night you’ll have the chance to catch a glimpse of two themed aerialists performing on large red hoops as well as traditional Chinese ribbon dances and the Giant Chinese Dragon in the Grand Foyer. Think of the instas! You’ll be famous in no time (if that’s your idea of prosperity).

#3. Get Yourself A Laughing Buddha Cocktail

Named after the Buddha of wealth and happiness, you’re bound to have a good night out sipping The Laughing Budda Cocktail. Served exclusively at The Star (find it at Sky Terrace, Cherry, Rock Lily and Latitude), the concoction of vodka, lychees, lemon juice, sugar and mint sounds like a bloody great time. Even if you’ve given up chocolate for the next four weeks, you can at least thank this heavenly drink for all other sorts of happiness.

#4. Hit Up The Lunar Markets

A free food festival is never a bad idea; so grab your squad and head to the Lunar Markets (in Pyrmont) to celebrate the Lunar New Year. From January 27th, you’ll have the chance to fill your grumbling belly with Luke Nguyen's Street Food pop-up and Teage Ezard's Gingergirl, so at least your tastebuds will be happy.

#5. Make A Wish Via The Tunnel of Good Fortune

For the entire duration of Lunar New Year, you can up your prosperity factor by heading through the Tunnel of Good Fortune, which is located at Harbourside. At the end of the tunnel you’ll see two Good Fortune Wishing Trees (at 2.8 metres high you literally can’t miss them) and can make a wish. Write down whatever it is you want this year (bikini body without exercising, anyone?) then tie it to the trees for an oh-so happy, and exercise free, 2017.

#6. Become A (Part-time) Pescatarian

Forget all things meat and take up a diet of omega 3 deliciousness (if only for one night). Not only will your hair be shinier and your bones be stronger; Fat Noodle is serving up a Lucky Salmon Yu Sheng Salad, especially for the Lunar New Year, so you’ll get a dose of good fortune too. Followed by Jumbo Prawn & Canadian Scallop Wok Stir-fry, make it your go to for New Year #healthyeating. It’s way tastier than steamed chicken and green beans. Just sayin’.

#7. Or Don’t

We’re pretty certain happiness is steak, so you might choose to ignore what we just suggested and head to Black Bar & Grill for the juiciest T-Bone MBS 5+ you’ve ever tasted. Served with bone marrow, chimichurri and roasted cipollini onions, wash it down with a bottle of Penfolds Bin 28 and try not to smile.

#8. Do Absolutely Nothing

As Tammin Sursok (of Home & Away fame) wisely said, whatever will be, will be, so don’t go looking for good fortune guys, especially when there are better things you could be doing to occupy your time, such dining like a king (or queen) at Balla. Serving up soft shell crab, risotto (with slipper lobster AND zucchini flowers) as well as wood-grilled duck, you know you’re in good hands.

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