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A Christmas Miracle | Meerkat Pups Have Arrived In Sydney

By Ange Law
13th Dec 2016

Meerkat pups Sydney

Is it a coincidence that one of the cutest animals of the year (or all time?) have just arrived in Sydney? And right before we all have a little break over Christmas? We say no. We also say that you’re bloody crazy if you don’t head to the zoo to check them out on your day off. You’d be crazy not to.

Six cute AF meerkats have just been born at Taronga Zoo and we can’t even deal with this much cuteness. A big congrats to mum and dad, Nairobi and Maputo, who have performed a Christmas miracle by bringing six pups —double the average three— into this glorious world (well, it is now). 

This may have just salvaged the shitter of a year that was 2016.

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Image Credit: Paul Fahy at Taronga Zoo

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