A Dumpling Restaurant Is Opening In Redfern

By Ange Law
17th Oct 2016

best dumplings in sydney

A couple of geniuses in Redfern have decided to combine two of our biggest loves – dumplings and booze. Happy D’s is set to open in November and their menu will be a concise selection of offerings, basically limited to dumplings, a short wine list, a few cocktails and some saké (fine by us!).

There may even be more types of dumplings than drinks, which is pretty rare for any restaurant, but as lovers of a great dumpling, we definitely aren’t complaining. Possible combos will be prawn gow gee, BBQ pork bun and spinach and tofu dumpling, if their previous pop-ups are anything to go by.

Happy D’s will be run by mother-and-son team Andrew and Debra Watts and while Andrew will take care of the day-to day, his mum will be working her magic in the kitchen.

Head to their Facebook page for all of the details and to check out the ridiculously fabulous dynamic between Debra and Andrew. You won’t regret it.

Happy D’s is set to open in November at 169 Regent Street, Redfern. 

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Image credit: Jennifer Chong

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